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How to close the loops with a needle


How to close the loops with a needle</a>

In knitting with knitting needles each piece is requiredEnd, closing the edge of the hinges so that they do not dissolve. Close the loops with the help of knitting needles in various ways that suit different types of products.

If you have associated a model that requires specialElasticity of the edges? For example, if you need to close the elastic knit neck loops in a sweater or pullover? The method of fastening loops with a needle will help you.



Take a stupid needle with a flat eyelet? A thick darning needle is suitable for closing loops. The remaining loops of the last row of knitting are left open, and then unwind the working thread by a length two or three times the length of the neck line.


Trim the thread and thread its tip into the darningNeedle, and then insert the needle from right to left simultaneously into the first and second loop of the last row. Lower the first two loops from the needle and tighten them with a working thread.


Then, insert the needle into the first loop, and then into the third one. Pull the work thread and remove the buttonhole from the knitting needle.


Then enter the needle under the broach from the workingLoop and insert it into the second deflated loop. From the right to the left, insert the needle into the back loop, which is on the spoke. As in the previous case, tighten the hinges by pulling the working thread, and pull them off the knitting needle.


Now insert the needle into the flattened front loop, andAfter this, place the same needle in the front loop left on the spoke. Tighten the work thread, pull the hinges off the knitting needle, and continue to close the remaining open hinges of the row in this way. After reaching the end, tighten the tip of the thread and tie it.


In this way, you can decorate the edge of the neck, which, after closing the loops, will not lose its elasticity.

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