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How to close the loop for the armholes

How to close the loop for the armholes

The knitting loops for armholes can be closed in various ways. It depends on the style, yarn thickness, pattern and contemporary fashion.

Armholes are of various kinds, such as classical, American or? A jacket? cut.



To properly close the loop for the armholes in the classic version, do the following:
Close the first series 3 facial loop. To do this, knit 2 loop along the front, a loop to move the needle to the left. Knit together the next 2 front loops. The resulting loop again move the needle to the left. Do the same thing once more. So you close the loop 3.


Dovyazhite number to the end of the pattern, which youperform all knitting. Turn the work the wrong side facing you and do the same procedure, only provyazyvayte 2 loops together purl loops.


Knit number to the end. Again, turn the knitting, this time face to him. This is the second series in which you need to close the loop. In this way two series of loops close to that described above. Dovyazav row, turn the work into wrong side and close the loop 2.


Now the front side 1, close the loop. On the reverse side is also close the loop 1. So you shut down by 6 loops for armholes on both sides of the product.


There is another way to close the loop for the armholes. With this method it is possible to close the loop in one row from both sides.


3 Close the loop at the beginning of a number of personal, waydescribed above. Knit a row, leaving nedovyazannymi at the end of 4 loops (one more than you need to close). Move all left loop on the right needle, not provyazyvaya. The penultimate loop through the last stretch, not provyazyvaya.


Similarly, pull the other one loopthrough the other, except for one. The last loop knit front. 3 You closed loop with one loop and three on the other side. Knit a back row. In early personal number 2 hinge close the usual manner, after a number? 2 loops, extending them through one another. Knit a back row, do the same to close for another loop on each side of knitting.

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