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How to close the loop for the armhole


How to close the loop for the armhole</a>

In knitting with knitting needles, hinges for the armhole can be closed in various ways. It depends on the style of the product, the thickness of the yarn, the pattern and modern fashion.

The belts are of different types, for example, classical, American or "shirt"? Cut.



To properly close the loop for the armhole in the classic version, do the following:
Close the front of the front of the 3 loops. To do this, tie together 2 eye loops, the resulting loop is moved to the left spoke. Spray together the following 2 eye loops. Form the loop again, move it to the left spoke. Do the same thing one more time. So you closed 3 loops.


Bring the series up to the end with the pattern that youPerform all the knitting. Turn the job from the wrong side to yourself and do the same procedure, only tie the two loops together with the wrong loops.


Blaze the range through. Turn the knitting again, this time with the face facing you. This will be the second row in which you want to close the loops. In this row, close the 2 loops in the manner described above. After tying the row, turn the work to the wrong side and close the 2 loops.


Now close 1 loop on the front side. On the reverse side, also close 1 loop. Thus, you have closed 6 loops for the armhole on both sides of the product.


There is another way to close the loop for the armhole. With this method, you can close the hinges in one row from both sides.


Close the 3 loops at the beginning of the front row, byDescribed above. Convert the row, leaving the loops unbound at the end of the 4 (one more than you need to close). Put all the loops left on the right knitting needle without tying. Penultimate the loop with the last loop, without tying.


Similarly, stretch the rest of the loops to each otherThrough a friend, except one. The last loop is tied with the front. You closed 3 loops with one and 3 loops on the other side. Spray the purl series. At the beginning of the front row, close the 2 loops in the usual way, at the end of the row? 2 loops, stretching them one through the other. Using the purl strip, do the same to close one more loop on each side of the knitting.

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