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How to close the enterprise

All businesses are created to make a profit, but it turns out it is not always

All businesses are created for profit. But, unfortunately, it does not always succeed, and there is a need to close the company.

Here the question arises, how to do itright not to have any new problems. Some small businesses are no longer just pay taxes and submit reports, in the hope that they will be forgotten about.

As a rule, this leads to large fines.



If you have time and money, officiallyliquidate the firm. This process takes from six months to two years. But your company will cease operations completely, you will have no successors, respectively, your rights and responsibilities no one will go.


If you? Draw in terms? resort to one method, the so-called alternative liquidation - reorganize the company by merging it with another. After the merger, the two companies will create a new legal entity. To him pass all rights and obligations, and old enterprises will be considered non-existent.


If you have two companies closeone enterprise by connecting it to another. In this case, only one will operate your business. To it will go all the rights and obligations of the company joined.


If you did not conduct economic activities, and you have no debts to the budget and creditors, to sell the company.
Arrange the sale of the company. Change the composition of founders, elect a new Director and appoint another chief accountant. As a result of this operation, the entire responsibility for the further activities will move to the new owners. This is the quickest way to close a legal entity. Moreover, the sale? Clean? (Without debt) companies, you can make good money.


Whichever method of plant closures would you choose, use the services of specialists. This will help you save money, health and a lot of time.

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