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How to close PE

How to close PE

To close a private enterprise, you need to contact your district tax office.

Then - make a number of actions.



Send the tax office statementthat your business is liquidated. The statement will be on a special form, the proposed sample. Fill the column where are your: name, surname, father's name and signature, it is not necessary. This graph should be filled in the presence of a notary. Better to write a statement in his presence. Further, the notary certifies the application, and you wear it to the tax office.


It is necessary to fill a premature declaration of income. All non-recurring tax deductions are made a year in advance.


Guides to the pension fund. You represent to the report and all the information that was given for the current year, ahead of schedule.


Only after a full report to the public authorities you will be allowed to reduce their activities.

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