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How to close a company

How to close a company

Today, many who want to start their own business.

Now in the current market conditions, it is not particularly difficult to do? It would be a start-up capital. Much more difficult, in practice, close the company, which already exists.

Here's how to do it, by any chance, due to certain reasons, the need arises (for example, Ltd.).



If you are the founder of the company and decide to close it,then, first of all, you need to apply to the tax authority with the application for its liquidation. Tax authority provide notification (form R15001) and your decision, as a founder of the company's liquidation. In this case the documents must be submitted no later than three days after the decision of the company's liquidation.


Also, you must notify the tax authorities on the activities of the liquidation committee using the form R15002 sample.


If your company has the lenders, you shouldtheir notice of their wish to close the company through the journal? Bulletin of the state registration ?. Your creditors have the right to bring your cash requirements within 2 months from the date of notification.


You must take into account that in case of liquidation of the companyorder tax deductions varies somewhat. In the first place, must be repaid all debts to the state budget and budget organizations, as well as to the Social Security Fund. Then, you need to pay salaries to employees, including benefits in connection with the dismissal at the liquidation of the enterprise. And only then to be calculated with all other creditors.


After the expiration of 2 months make up the interim liquidation balance sheet, and then give it to the registration authority together with the completed form R15003.


For the successful completion of the liquidation of the company youmust submit to the tax authority at the place of registration of the following completed forms and documents: R16001, a receipt for payment of state duty, a liquidation balance, the document that confirms the information provided personified account in territorial FIU. This exhaustive list of documents.


After that, the relevant authority is the subject of an entry in the register, then your firm will be considered liquidated, that is a legal person ceases to operate legally.

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