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How to clean your computer's memory

How to clean your computer's memory

In operation, information in memorythe computer is constantly updated to the new data are entered, removed the old part of the data is sent to the paging file. All this leads to a strong fragmenting memory and reducing its free volume.

To combat this unpleasant memory feature uses special software.

You will need

  • For cleaning and defragmenting memory needed freely available freeware DRam 2.56 program.



Download the free app DRam 2.56. Unpack the archive, which is supplied executable installation file. Run it. After installation the program will start automatically.


The upper part of the graphical program in a convenientas a graph of memory utilization. The lower part can produce some display settings. Check the box on the point? Clear when the computer is idle ?. This will enable the program to automatically defragment your computer memory when idle for longer than a minute.


Check the box? Pay attention ?. The program will be signaled by flashing its icon in the system tray on the need to clear the memory, if the percentage of free memory is less than specified in the section? Decreases RAM to ...?. Set this to 20%, as the best. A higher percentage will be more likely to trigger alarm program, and at a lower, the program will not report a lack of memory even when the memory is vital to the system.


Minimize the program to tray. If you want to defragment, expand the program by double-clicking on it and then click the label? Start ?. This will increase the amount of free memory and speed up your computer.

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