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Cleansing mask with orange

Purifying Mask with orange

To properly care for your skin, use only natural masks, because they help to achieve excellent results.

If you have oily skin, it means that the pores are often clogged and they constantly need to be cleaned. Orange mask copes with this task and moisturizes the skin.
Take 100 g of corn flour, 150 grams of yogurt and 1 orange. These ingredients can be bought in every store, so finding them should not cause any problems.
To prepare the masks must sift the flour to obtain a homogeneous mass. Then add the yogurt and fruit juice. Thoroughly mix all and let it brew for weight for 10 minutes.
Apply the mask only needs to cleansed face, because otherwise all the nutrients can not be absorbed well.
Keep the mask about half an hour and rinse with warm water. Next should be applied to the skin moisturizer.
This mask cleans the skin and does not dry it. So it's great benefits from pollution, particularly in summer, when the skin becomes greasy quickly and requires careful maintenance.
Use the procedure every few days, and your skin will get better.

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