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CLEANING artificial ponds

Cleaning of artificial ponds

In the garden area, the cottage from the usual pond can get great composition, which will revitalize and beautify any manor.

But such beauty needs constant support - without good care pond could turn into a puddle of stale.

to clean water requirements in the ponds considerablyincreased. If the pond in the country want to breed more fish, the water will need to change more often, and this process is quite time-consuming. The water can be cleaned with the use of mechanical systems and biological purification. In the first case, the filters help remove small algae and dirt. This device begins to do its work as soon as it is included, it can be run as needed. In biological purification of a completely different task.

In this approach, on the filter arethe surface of the biological system of purification bacteria, algae and invertebrates perform all the necessary work - ie recycle dead plant residues, food that is not eaten by fish, other debris into absolutely harmless compounds. Each of the filters should be cleaned in a timely manner - as indicated in the attached documents. Ponds in the country cleaned in two ways - that is, mechanical or biological.

The biological method for cleaning

Biological treatment is more complicated. It can be applied to large-sized pools and small. Filters installed outside the pond. From artificial pond water is forced into the filter, aerated and subsequently passes through several filtration layers. To fill such a filter, use special beads, foam rubber mat, coarse sand, gravel. The first filter layer provides pre-treatment, and at the same time performs work on the mechanical purification of water. All subsequent layers of biological treatment is carried out. Purified water is thereby returned by gravity into the pond - a pump higher than the water level in the reservoir.

Ultraviolet water treatment also applies toSpecies purification. The filter set is composed of a reservoir and the water chamber shell and a source of UV radiation. This water treatment process is necessary because some species of algae are so small that they can pass through any of the filters. In this case, the UV purifier and useful - is the newest of the devices for the purification of water. From water filter goes into a separate chamber, where under the influence of ultraviolet algae cells are destroyed.

Mechanical cleaning method

Cleansing mechanical - is a way of not less thaneffective and not very expensive. The filter is placed into the water (it is not supplied forced manner). The water after passing through the porous material, coarse sand, gravel flows through the pipe to the pump and back into the pond purified. If the fish in the pond a little, the water quality is good, there is enough water under the plant, in particular the use of a filter is not necessary. But some fish can reproduce very rapidly and very soon improvement in the form of additional filtering may be needed.

Discharge of fish and there are not eaten foodsaturate the water with nitrates in such quantities that it becomes easy enough biological self-cleaning. If the pond is located in a place where it is strongly illuminated by the sun, and plants that may create a shadow, a little body of water will need filtration. Warmer than the water, the smaller the amount of oxygen contained therein. The filter will equalize the temperature of the upper layers of water, which is heated by the sun, and the lower ones. Together with the enrichment of water submerged filters can be serviced by a fountain, cascade or a small figure, equipped with a small fountain. Their work is quiet and reliable.

Many filter systems work fineThey proved their longevity in practice and craftsmen developed devices that can be built with their own hands, obtained just as good.

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