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Clean water in the country

Clean water in the country

Even in large cities, the water quality is poor, not to mention the town water supply systems and the more wells.

Despite this, many owners of gardensareas not consider it necessary to clean well water, considering it uncompromisingly clear. "We are in the country", - they say. - "There is a good environment, and, consequently, the water is clear."

Impurities in water

Conduct an experiment: came to the country, enter the water from the tap and let it settle. Even if the water will initially appear transparent, after a few hours it is typically yellow. This suggests that an overabundance of iron in the water.

After one to two tastings this water nothingbad will happen. However, the regular consumption of water, an iron-rich, increases the level of iron in the blood, which in turn threatens the development of rheumatoid arthritis, as well as liver and intestinal cancer.

As a rule, after the "unfreezing" the owner of the wellpumping all the water from it, as it is not suitable for drinking. Then, the well starts to fill with new water - clean and clear. However, this does not mean that organic pollution in it is completely absent. The same substances that are concentrated during the winter, coming into a new well water, only to a lesser extent, so it seems transparent. This chemicals washed from agricultural fields with melt water, and the remains of organic fertilizers or roughly manure. If you or your neighbors grow vegetable crops, fertilizing them with manure, it will inevitably permeates the soil and with the melt water is distributed to all the wells in the area. Hence, the unpleasant smell of spring water.

Water purification

Some gardeners buy bottled water,organizing the house drinking water supplies in cans. However, this approach requires considerable financial costs and is not suitable for elderly people who live in the country without a car - if the water is over, they will not be able to resupply themselves.

There are various integrated cleaning systemwater, but they are expensive and not profitable, if at his country house you spend time in the summer at the weekend. Therefore, the optimal solution will be water purification by pitcher filters. They allow you to quickly and effectively clean the water from chemical and organic contaminants. Choosing a replacement filters for your jug, please note that they are right for your particular situation. For example, to get rid of the rust and soften hard water.

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