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How to clean strawberries for the winter


How to clean strawberries for the winter</a>

Caring strawberries carefully for the winter is a necessary occupation for every gardener who wants to get a good harvest for next year.

Preparing a berry for wintering is not an easy task, but you need to know some rules and peculiarities of caring for berry culture.

Preparation for wintering begins in summer

The main condition under which the strawberry is normalWill bear wintering, - healthy and strong leaves, grown after pruning. And that they were just like that, you have to watch all the summer leaves that accompany the strawberry bush throughout the summer. Because in the case of their diseases, decay or pest damage, all problems will pass to new leaves, and it will be difficult for them, weak and stunted, to endure cold and frost.

When there are brown spots on the leaves,Painful lesions or foci of decay, remove such leaves without regret. Thus, you will improve the shoots and ensure the normal course of the forthcoming wintering.

In summer during the whole period of growth and periodFruiting feed strawberries. At the growth stage, fertilize with organic (1 part of Mullein infusion for 10 parts of water) or complex mineral fertilizer (1 tablespoon of nitroammofoski per 10 liters of water). Consumption: under one root 0.5 liters. During budding and the appearance of the first strawberries, more potassium is required, so use wood ash or potassium nitrate (other names potassium nitrate, potassium nitrate). In August, podkormite strawberry straw urea (30-40 grams per 10 liters of water), this will ensure a good bookmark and increase flower buds.
After harvesting, loosen the soil wellAround the bush and cover with needles or straw. Row spacing can be dug. Do not do this on the eve of cold weather, because Accidentally damaged roots will not have time to recover, and this will have a bad effect on the stability of the bush during wintering.

Pruning strawberries

Pruning strawberries is to remove leaves from theEach bush. Do this usually immediately after harvest, the deadline is the end of August. The procedure avoids decay of the leaves and the spread of rot throughout the berry. Cut carefully, trying not to damage new thin stems growing from the center of the bush. After trimming, you can feed strawberries with organic or complex mineral fertilizers (1 cup of ashes per 10 liters of water or 2 tablespoons of nitroammophoska 10 liters). This will give a good growth to the new strong leaves and contribute to the laying of flower buds, ensuring a future rich harvest.

After pruning the leaves, check to see if the roots are visible from the soil. If you notice such, pour the earth to them.

Warming strawberries

The main insulation for strawberries is snow. This is the best "blanket" that creates heat to the berry, which prevents its freezing and the death of the root system. Therefore, with the first snow throw it on the bushes of strawberries and increase the cover with each new snowfall. If frosts come and there is no snow, take care of the strawberries in this way: dial coniferous branches in the forest and cover them with a berry. Straw and large sawdust or shavings are also suitable. If you do not take timely actions for warming, strawberries may die, because Its roots are located very close to the surface, strong frost will not regret them.
Remember that such shelters as lapnik, straw andEspecially sawdust is not safe for berry, because Well absorb and accumulate moisture. Strawberry can stiffen or rot. Do not make the layer of such a shelter too thick and dense. If you have the opportunity to visit the summer cottage in winter, then try to ventilate the berry, which is under cover from the tin, straw or shavings. Putting a stick under the covering material (shank from the shovel), slightly lift it. Do this procedure throughout the berry.
Recently, gardeners began to useInsulating material - agrofiber. It protects the berry from the accumulation of excessive moisture in it, reliably protects it from frost and rodents, and even lets in sunlight. This allows you to grow strong and healthy strawberries, even after the worst winter.
Do not hurry to harbor the berry before the onset of frosty weather, and even more so until the first frost. Give strawberries a chance to temper, so they are much better cope with the winter cold.

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