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How to clean topaz

How to clean topaz

Topaz is obviously very popular and loved by many women. His colors are varied, although sales are mainly to be found blue topaz and smoky colors.

This stone is considered to be quite strong, but we know that it is susceptible to the effects of many chemicals, so when cleaning the stone must comply with certain rules.

stone The name comes from Sanskrit ( «tapas» -Fire). This gemstone is a mineral aluminum fluorosilicate. Topaz can be blue, yellow, pink, light red, golden, green, violet, purple, brown and even colorless. These amazing gems shine and shimmer in the sun, molding nacre. The most valuable color of topaz - blue, gold and pink. Stones mined in Russia - the Urals and Siberia, as well as around the world - Ukraine, Brazil and Sri Lanka. Topaz is difficult to handle, but it is popular and widely used by jewelers to create jewelry.

Cleaning products with topaz

Topaz jewelry can be cleaned with a special paste. It can offer to buy in a jewelry store. However, should such a paste is expensive, but the effect is no better than ordinary soap solution.

To clean the gold ring and earringstopaz, necessary to prepare a solution consisting of 25% of a mild detergent and 75% of warm water. Place the product in the solution for 15-30 minutes depending on the degree of contamination, and then clean it from debris and dust with a soft brush. For these purposes, ideal to use a toothbrush. Its bristles lost their rigidity, but, nevertheless, it is strong enough to clean the dirt from the jewelry. Allow the product to dry. Then polish with a soft cloth or chamois leather. And only after a ring or earrings are completely dry, you can put them in a storage box or bag.

What can not be cleaned Topaz

Jewelry with topaz can not wear in the pool. If chlorine is added to water, it can harm the stone.

On the Mohs scale, which determines the hardness of the mineral,topaz assigned a coefficient of 8, which means that this mineral is very solid. He is second only to diamond in hardness and corundum. Despite this, he is afraid of both thermal and chemical effects. Stone tarnish and even lose color. Therefore, when cleaning the stone can not use chemical cleaning agents, particularly those containing chlorine. Jewellery with topaz should be removed, when you do homework before going in the shower or sauna, to avoid contact with cosmetics and soap stone. Keep topaz best apart from the rest of jewelry, preferably in a fabric bag. And avoid abundant sunlight on stone. This is a bad influence on its color. For example, the blue topaz in the sun fade.

Adhering to these simple rules for the care of the topaz, you can give him a long life as your favorite ornaments.

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