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How to clean the water in the aquarium

How to clean the water in the aquarium

Aquarium - it is a small body of water inhabited by aquatic inhabitants.

In order to maintain biological balance of it, using various tools and methods.

One of the methods - purification of water in the aquarium.

To purify water, use specialaquarium filters operate using electric pumps or air flow. There are universal filters, you can adjust the speed of the water flow. They are used in aquariums populated by various species of fish.
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Classification of filters

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External hanging filter - is aplastic box, consisting of several sections. This filter is located outside the aquarium. Its principle of operation is very simple: water is drawn from the tank is filtered and returned. Visually, this process resembles a waterfall.
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Airlift filter - a small plasticcontainer having various shapes: cylinder, cube or pyramid. Water flows through the filter in a perforated lid under pressure is downwards through the filter material and then up the airlift and out. This type of filter is suitable for small aquariums as an additional filter.
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The filter canister - is a verticalcylinder, the top of which is an electric pump. Water from the tank is on plastic tubes and passes through the filter material. This filter is very good for large-sized aquariums.
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The sponge filter - this is the most primitive and at the samewhile the most popular type of filter, which consists of a perforated tube attached to it cartridges with sponges. Contaminated water enters the filter sponge is cleaned and goes through the tube.

Types of filter media

Calcium carbonate - increases the rigidity and water acidity. Visually similar to the limestone gravel, sand or coral chips. It is used as a mechanical or biological filter.
Activated carbon - fixes on its surface and any unnecessary substance utilizes drugs dissolved in water, and heavy metals.
Gravel - a filter that can be used indefinitely.
The aquarium is filled with water, typically with the help of the pump, which is a pump. Many pumps are designed for both fresh and marine water. They are submersible and external.
Depending on the type and kind of filteringmaterial is a suitable aquarium care. Tools mechanical purification (variety of scrapers and sponges) must be constantly cleaned. Chemical filter materials require periodic updating. Biological filters partially be replaced.
In addition to applying the filter once a month is necessaryto clean the bottom of the aquarium. The procedure is performed using a rubber tube with a tip made of plastic or glass. The diameter of the tube hole must not hinder the passage of water through it with garbage.
Twice a week is recommended to change from 15 to 30% of the total water volume of the aquarium. Water for this pre-advocate one or two days.
Also help to normalize the condition of the waterspecial chemicals, completely harmless to the aquarium inhabitants. The choice of such chemistry is quite diverse and is present in almost all pet stores.

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