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How to clean the washing machine

How to clean the washing machine

Timely care of the washing machine will save it from various failures and blockages. To washing machine served for a long time and without any problems, it should be cleaned periodically.

Tools for cleaning the washing machine should be selected very carefully, in accordance with the accompanying recommendations to the washing machine.

You will need

  • Cleaning means soft, sponge, washing machine, manual



Before you purchase a cleanerwashing machine, you need to become familiar with its structure. To descale your "assistant" happened more carefully without damaging the parts, use soft chemicals. Avoid agents capable to clean the washing machine to scratch it. You can not use the washing machine for cleaning chlorinated agents, hard brushes and metal - all of which can lead to rapid wear of parts of the washing machine and damage.


Cleaning agent must be applied to the drum surface with a soft sponge. Always important to follow the instructions indicated on the label means.


After the scale to be removed, the washing car you need a good rinse to get rid of chemical residues. To further prevent the formation of scale in the wash, you can use special concentrated agents, softening the water.


To clean the grid, through which water is supplied, turn off the faucet and turn off the water supply to the washing car. Then, disconnect the feed hose, you can start to clean the mesh with a brush. When assembling the structure back, watch carefully for correct hose connection to the grid.


Also, the term shall be clean and clogged the drain pump. To start, you need to turn off the washing car and wait until the water cools. Next snmite drain hose and open the flap, start cleaning.


External cleaning of the washing machine should be carried out using soapy water or a mild detergent. Do not use chlorine-containing agents? they may damage the housing of the washing machine.

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