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How to clean the spout babies

How to clean the spout babies

Young mothers are often faced with the problem of when the kid scored the spout. There is not only the mucus, but the crust, the child still does not understand what is happening - it is not convenient - help himself can not.

To help the mother to come.

You will need

  • 1. Mineral Oil
  • 2. Cotton Swabs usual
  • 3. Sterile cotton wool
  • 4. Saline
  • 5. pipette
  • 6. Astirator nasal (we pear)
  • 7. Table Lamp
  • 8. Langering boards



To begin, prepare the baby. He must be calm. Dripped into his nose a couple of drops of saline solution to soften the crust and thin out the mucus. Do not be afraid of saline solution - a normal saline solution. The same structure at the expensive and Aqua Maris Aqua Laure.


Make turundochku (or take a cotton swab)moisten abundant in mineral oil and gently rotate in the nostril. If you are using a cotton swab, then remove it brown just visible to the naked eye. Deep penetrating it can not be! Turundochka same should be made of soft cotton with no chips, so as not to scratch the delicate mucous membrane of the nose. We perform this step until the nasal passages apparently will not look clean.


The next step for those with kids, or gruntsniffling. Depending on the degree of complexity of the common cold, use an aspirator - a pear or an aspirator - tube. We have been more convenient to use a blower. If your type of aspirator Otrivin, do not overdo it with the inhalation and read the instructions carefully. Our little son this part of the nose the toilet very much not like to pear he treated more loyal. Do not forget to change tips, or wash them.

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