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How to clean the print head of the printer

How to clean the print head of the printer

Many faced the common problemjet printers - if not for some time to use the printer for other purposes, its printheads wither. For most people, this means a complete failure of the printer, so they have to get rid of it.

But in fact, clogged print heads - this is not an irreversible problem and they can be cleaned.



Prepare to clean the printheadssterile medical cotton, glass cleaners with liquid ammonia, distilled water, a plastic tub with a lid and two smaller syringe needles and stack of paper napkins.


Take a napkin and put it recovered from printer printhead nozzles down. On a napkin to remain traces of ink - continue to change the cloth as long as the head is not to let any traces.


Now soak in a glass cleanerpaper towel and wipe the surface of the print head without affecting the electrical charge and the place of head connection with the cartridge. Rinse the nozzle head fence typing cleaner into the syringe.


Completely eliminating traces of ink, routefitting a sterile cotton wool soaked in abundant glass cleaner. Put the head with cotton wool in a plastic tray at the bottom, pour the cleaning liquid and tightly close the container lid or package. Wait a day, and then change the solution.


Repeat the procedure for two or three days, and then remove the head from the solution and dab it with a napkin balances taps.


After the ink traces stopimprinted on a napkin, rinse with distilled water head. Again pat head wipes and dry the hair dryer at a great distance in half an hour. Establish a head of the printer and put the new cartridge.

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