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How to clean the pan of a deposit

Modern pans in the vast majority have a nonstick coating

Modern pans in the vast majority have a nonstick coating of PTFE, which producers called Teflon.

This is a problem with burning food when cookingis removed - but only on the inside. On the outer side pan soot accumulates over time in the same way as the old cast iron or aluminum pan.

And remove it with ordinary detergents virtually impossible.

You will need

  • - Silicate glue office
  • - laundry soap
  • - soda
  • - Means Schumann, PP Pentalyuks



To remove carbon from copper, iron andsilumin antiburning pans without coating, you need to put a frying pan on medium heat for 10-12 hours, poured on the bottom of a thin layer of sand. After this calcination fouling lose grip and clean the pan of a deposit can be any convenient mechanical means - steel mesh dish, metal brush or use a circular brush and drill.


To clean the pans with Teflon coating is betteruse a chemical method. Mix silicate adhesive stationery - 50 grams (a liquid or a solution of sodium water glass in a ratio of 1:10 -200 g), milled bar soap, 200 grams of soda ash, 2 liters of water.


Put the pan into a large bowl and fill it with the resulting solution. Boil for 1.5-2 hours. After this procedure, rinse the pan with ordinary detergents.


This method is suitable for the usual dishes - this pan soak in solution for 15-20 hours, then carefully Wash it with baking soda.


Also, clean the pan of a deposit can be atby means of industrial production. Specialized tools to remove carbon from the cookware are Schumann and his Russian equivalent of the Šumava - they are suitable for almost all kinds of pans, but carefully read the instructions for use, otherwise you may damage the pan.


Just copes with coke cleaning agent for dishes from the Amway company. For cast iron and enameled pans used acid cleaner? Pentalyuks PP ?.

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