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How to Clean a Microwave



Like any other household appliance, engaged in cooking, microwaves are very susceptible to contamination.

To clean the microwave it can take a lot of effort and time, but if you apply some tricks, you can greatly simplify your task.

In how to clean the microwave from dirt, greaseAnd sucked in pieces of food, there is nothing complicated. In this you will help ordinary water. You just need to take a heat-resistant glass or a bowl half filled with water and put it in a microwave. The furnace should be switched on for 10-15 minutes at full power. During this time the water will boil and begin to evaporate. Hot steam very well contributes to the detachment of various dirt.

After the microwave has turned off, you needWait another 10 minutes. During this time, the oven will cool slightly, and the mud will finally get wet. After this, you can start cleaning the inside surface with the usual cleaning agents.

When cleaning, do not use a metal brush; It can damage the enamel coating of the microwave.

Do not put a full glass in the microwave,This will result in splashing of water when boiling. In the water you can put a dry lemon or orange crust or add a couple of teaspoons of lemon juice. Then, after the steaming procedure, your microwave will smell nice from the inside.

It is recommended to clean the microwave at leastOnce a week. For this period of time it will not have time to accumulate a large amount of dirt, especially since the fresh pollution, the easier it is cleared. In this case, steam may not be needed, the dirt can be removed with simple cleaning agents and detergents.

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