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How to clean a keyboard without disassembling it

How to clean a keyboard without disassembling it

Nowadays, it is very difficult to find someone that has no computer.

But he is almost unthinkable without the PC keyboard, which is necessary for good care.



The easiest and quickest care keyboardPC is a weekly special keys rubbing surface wipes. They have a structure and composition of the impregnation, which makes it easy to remove grease and dust.


If you - a lover eat the monitor screen,then surely your keyboard accumulates a lot of crumbs. Get them out of there, you can use the USB-vacuum cleaner - tiny pylesosika running from the USB-connector, and having a plurality of nozzles for a total cleaning mezhklavishnyh spaces.


To quickly remove the keyboard from crumbs andvilli, you can use adhesive tape. To do this, turn the keyboard, shake it well and then stick the tape to the most contaminated sites. It must be remembered that the adhesive tape must be applied firmly, but not for long, so as not to leave a sticky residue.


Special cans of compressed air can to clean debris from mezhklavishnogo space in a matter of seconds. They operate on the principle of Karcher, only water is used instead of air.


If you have limited finances or just do not want to buy any Soup for cleaning the keyboard, you can use an ordinary syringe.

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