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How to clean a teapot with citric acid


How to clean a teapot with citric acid</a>

It's nice to start your morning with freshly brewed tea or coffee with a fragrant bun! But sometimes the whole taste of morning drinks can spoil the water from the kettle with scum.

So, it's time to immediately clean the kettle from this muck.

But how to do it without much effort and quickly?



The most affordable way to clean your kettle from scale is citric acid. It's the lemon that will help the inside of your kettle to brighten again. But first you need to find out what scum is.

Scale is usually formed on the walls and bottom of the kettle. The resulting layer of this substance indicates the presence of a large number of salts in the water that you consume. It is because of the rigidity of water that teapots are exposed to the formation of this very scum.


Naturally, the scale adversely affectsHeating elements of the kettle. Steel elements start to heat up badly, and there is a multiple thermal resistance. As a result, the kettle breaks. In addition, scum is bad for human health. Once in the body, it can harm the kidneys and the genitourinary system.


Of course, there is a huge amountWays to get rid of scale. So, some boil in the kettle various carbonated drinks, some - potato cleaning. Clean the kettles and using hard metal brushes and brushes.


You can also purchase variousChemical agents that can also easily remove this attack. But who can guarantee you complete safety from such experiments? Therefore, it is better to choose the most effective and harmless means - citric acid. Because the scum is formed from alkalis, it is acid that can destroy it.


To clean the kettle you only need oneA pack of citric acid. So, pour a pack of acid in the kettle. Then, draw cold water into it and leave it for several hours. Do not under any circumstances boil the kettle. The chemical reaction will begin at normal room temperature. If the thickness of the scale is not very large, then it will disappear after a quarter of an hour. Then pour the used water and boil the kettle with already clean water 2 times.

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