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How to clean the kettle with citric acid

How to clean the kettle with citric acid

How nice to start your morning with freshly brewed tea or coffee with a fragrant bun! But sometimes all morning the taste of beverages can damage the water from the kettle with scale.

So, it's time to clean the kettle immediately from this muck.

But how to do it effortlessly and quickly?



The most affordable way to clean your kettle from scale - is citric acid. This lemon will help the inside of your teapot again shine. But first you need to find out what scale.

Scale is usually formed on the walls and bottom of the kettle. The resulting layer of this material indicates the presence of water which you consume large amounts of salts. It is because of the hardness of water kettles are subject to the formation of this same scale.


Naturally, scale adversely affectsthe heating elements of the kettle. Steel elements begin to heat up bad, and there is a multiple thermal resistance. As a result, tea breaks. In addition, scale and bad influences on human health. Once in the body, it can harm the kidneys and urinary system.


Of course, there are plenty ofways to get rid of the scum. Thus, some boiled kettle various sodas, some - potato peelings. Purify teapots and using rigid metal brushes and brushes.


In stores, you can also purchase a variety ofchemicals that can attack and remove this without any problems. But who can guarantee you complete safety from such experiments? Therefore it is better to choose the most effective and harmless means - citric acid. Since the scale is formed from the alkali, it is the acid can destroy it.


To clean the kettle you will need only onepack food citric acid. So, pour a packet of acid into the kettle. Then type in his cold water and leave for a few hours so. In no case shall not boil a kettle. The chemical reaction starts and at normal room temperature. If the thickness of the layer of scale is not very large, it will disappear after a quarter of an hour. Next, pour the used water and boil the kettle with clean water is already 2 times.

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