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How to clean the head from unnecessary thoughts

How to clean the head from unnecessary thoughts

Often thought dead weight settles in our head.

These thoughts are circling, making it impossible to solve the really important questions.

Man freezes in place, causing irritability, and constant fatigue. , Carry out a kind of "cleansing" often to prevent this from happening.



Always write down the necessary information so as not to clog her head. You do not have to carry a notebook constantly. You can use your mobile phone, player, or any piece of paper.


At the end of each week to summarize. This helps to explain everything and to identify failures. It will help sort out the future activities, make a rough plan for the next week.


Calculates prospects, make forecasts. Learn how to formulate long-term goals for yourself. A clear understanding of the end result will help to streamline the path to achieve it. This will prevent your head from unnecessary thoughts, and you - from rash steps.


Every day, to restore order in his life. The day you get a huge amount of different information that accumulates in the brain. Do not delay work fine for tomorrow, it will save you time in the future.


Be aware of what you are doing. Imagine all of your prospects get to the end of what you do, and the reasons for the desired end result of this activity. It will also help to organize his thoughts.


Shall describe the algorithm of their actions, which will enable you to clearly define your goals. Introduces new concepts that will lead to new ideas and thoughts. This will remove the extra issues and unwanted thoughts.

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