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How to clean the gas column from scale


How to clean the gas column from scale</a>

The gas column is in many houses.

Periodically, it is necessary to prevent this household appliance.

For example, descaling - depending on the hardness of water, this procedure should be done at least once a quarter.

You will need

  • - garden sprayer "Beetle" -
  • - hose-
  • - clamp-
  • - orthophosphoric acid-
  • "He's strong."



If the column periodically "boils" and constantlyGoes out, the water heats up long and not well enough, there is a weak pressure of water - most likely, these are signs that it is time to clear it of scale. To do this, build a simple fluid supercharger. Acquire in the hardware store the smallest in size garden sprayer, for example, "Beetle", a hose and a yoke. Unscrew the cap on the sprayer, cut off the tip with the side holes and leave one end.


Cut off the hose, pull on the tip and pinchClamp. Screw the hose to the tube of the column, mix in the supercharger "Silit" or any other means for combating the scum with water (the bottle of the agent for half a bottle of water) and pump up in several receptions. First - about a third of the resulting volume of fluid, then after about five minutes, repeat a few more times until the hissing inside the column stops. Please note that the hot water tap must be kept closed, but before pumping the next portion of the means, lower the pressure slightly.


There is another way to clean the gas column fromScale. Take the heater out of the column, put it on the bottom of the bath and pour into the tube orthophosphoric acid (if it is concentrated, dilute with water). Leave it overnight, rinse with water. For convenience, you can unscrew the shower of the mixer from the hose and with it, flush both tubes of the air heater. Then assemble the column. There is an opinion that such cleansing suffices for a long time, due to the fact that the acid perfectly dissolves scum.


It may be that the particles are alreadyBreakaway scum or rust clog the column. To solve this problem, close the hot water tap, remove the hose and guide it through the tube into the bucket or straight into the drain pipe. Then open both the valves - hot and cold water and plug the nozzle of the mixer with your finger. As a result, the water will go in the opposite direction through the column and remove the lime scale and rust that hammered the pipe. This method does not remove the scum, but will remove excess litter from the system.

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