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How to clean the gas column from scale

How to clean the gas column from scale

Gas boiler is in many homes.

Periodically, it is necessary to carry out prevention of domestic appliance.

For example, clear from the scale - depending on the hardness of the water should be prodelyvat this procedure at least once a quarter.

You will need

  • - Garden sprayer "Beetle" -
  • - shlang-
  • - homut-
  • - orthophosphoric acid-
  • - "Silit".



If the column is periodically "boils" and constantlygoes out, the water is heated for a long time and not good enough, there is a weak water pressure - it most likely signs that it's time to clear the scale. To do this, the simplest Construct plenum fluid. Obtain a hardware store is the smallest in size garden sprayer, such as "Beetle", hose and clamp. Unscrew the cap on the sprayer, cut off the tip with side holes and leave one mechanical.


Cut the hose, pull on the tip and clampclamp. Screw the hose to the pipe column, mix in the plenum, "Silit" or any other means to deal with scum from the water (a bottle of water resources to polflakona) and inflate in stages. First - about one-third of the resulting volume of the liquid, and then after about five minutes, repeat several times until the hissing stops inside the column. Please note that the hot water tap should be kept closed, but after a little pressure before the injection of the next portion of funds.


There is another way to clean the gas column fromscale. Remove from the column heater, place it on the bottom of the tub and fill the tube phosphoric acid (if it is concentrated, dilute with water). Leave on overnight, rinse with water in the morning. For convenience, you can unscrew the hose from the shower mixer and use it to wash both the tube heater. Then collect the column. It is believed that such cleansing enough for a long time, due to the fact that the acid dissolves the fine scale.


It may be that the particles havesplinter or rust scale score column. To solve this problem, turn off the hot water tap, remove the hose and point it through a tube into a bucket or straight into the drain pipe. Then open both gates - hot and cold water and plug the finger tip of the mixer. As a result, the water will go in the opposite direction through the column and remove limescale and rust, which scored pipe. This method does not remove the scum, but will remove excess waste from the system.

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