How to clean fox fur

Coat should be perfect</a>

Finally, you have acquired a long-awaited coat!

Soft, gentle, fluffy and so light. Now you will definitely stand out in the gray crowd.

But there is only one season, and the dusty city has had its disastrous effect on appearance: the fur coat is not so pleasing to the eye. She faded, covered with gray dust and greasy stains.

And the sleeves, the collar and the bottom of the product are completely ugly. Do you have to throw it away and go to the store again?

Well, of course not!

The fur coat can be saved and restored to its original appearance.

You can just give the fur coat to a specialized fur cleaning.

Or do it yourself.

Armed with all the necessary and forward.

You will need

  • Semolina, hydrogen peroxide, warm water, ammonia, salt.



The natural color of the fox fur is very light. Therefore, when wearing, first of all, the fur coat loses its color. To return a light shade easily. Sprinkle your fur coat with semolina. Now gently rub the fur with your hands, as if you are washing. You can also clean it gently with a soft brush or a natural cloth. Experts advise to make movements in the direction of growth of wool. However, the owners of fur coats assert that movements against wool bring the best result. Groats well absorbs the accumulated dirt in the seed and the coat becomes clean.
When the cleaning of the manga is completed, gently shake off all the croup and vacuum the coat (make sure that the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner is reading).


If you want to lighten the fur coat even more,Use hydrogen peroxide. Dilute 1 spoonful of peroxide in a glass of warm water and wipe the fur with a natural cloth. Do not wet it too much. Now your coat is almost completely new. There was a small touch.


You could not help but notice that the sleeves and the collarFur coats suffer the most. Here, in addition to dust accumulates more fat. Therefore, a well-groomed coat and often looks so greasy. You need to fix this sooner.
Take 0.5 liters of water, 1 teaspoon of ammonia and 3 parts of salt. Mix everything well and thoroughly clean out the greasy places with this solution. Do not overdo it.
Now you can again show off in your favorite fur coat. The main thing do not forget to take care of her, and in return she will decorate you for a long time.

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