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How to clean the frosted glass

How to clean the frosted glass

Frosted glass is widely used for the manufacture of interior doors, as well as coatings for kitchen countertops in modern headsets.

But in order to maintain its attractive appearance, the glass must be properly looked after.

The most difficult - is it clean, since many children leave traces of fat fingers, which handle is not so simple.

So how to properly clean the frosted glass, and what this means to choose?

You will need

  • - Cleaner stekol-
  • - Soft cloth-
  • - Microfibre tryapka-
  • - Plastic or wooden shpatel-
  • - Soap rastvor-
  • - Alcohol or acetone.



Frosted glass, unlike glossy, hasrough surface. Therefore, it quickly becomes polluted and unattractive. When cleaning the matt surfaces in any case, do not use cleaning agents, which include silicone or fluorine. Do not use strong alkaline substances and acids, especially hydrofluoric acid.


Traces of fatty and oily substancesleft on matte spots with shadow effects that you can try to remove with the help of special tools for cleaning windows. With very heavy soiling is to make wet cleaning with copious amounts of water. In this case, use a plastic or wooden spatula, sponge or chamois for windows, household spray cleaner or cloth.


If the frosted glass is not available stubborncontamination such as greasy fingerprints or fat droplets, while quite enough to fully clean warm water with soap and water. Gently wipe the glass with a soft cloth, richly moistened with soapy water. Then wash matte surface with clean water and dry using a microfibre cloth. Do not use abrasive scouring powders.


Old stains from the paper glue, coffee or teacan be removed using an alcohol or acetone. At the same time, make sure that the cleaning process does not hurt the silicone seals. After using one of these tools, wash with clean water and wipe the glass to dry.


To remove dried spots of differentOrigin can achieve good results, using special equipment for steam cleaning with constant and continuous absorption. After this will rub the frosted glass with a clean cloth dry.

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