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How to clean a coffee machine


How to clean a coffee machine</a>

A coffee machine in the house allows you to enjoy the taste of a fragrant drink prepared according to all the rules of culinary art.

But if you want to have coffee of the appropriate taste and want to extend the life of the coffee machine, you need to clean it regularly.

Cleaning this device is also possible at home.



The main problems arising in the operationCoffee machines - milk coating, sediment of coffee oils and scaling. Even if you use carefully filtered water, you can not avoid the plaque of mineral salts on the heating element and other places with which water interacts. The sediment increases the power consumption and the time of preparation of the drink, destroying the metal and plastic. As a result - the deterioration of coffee taste. You can, of course, use distilled water to make the drink, but you will not get a fragrant coffee.


To clean the coffee machine from scale, use decalcifying agents. These can be tablets or liquid products.


Fill in the tank tool, add hot water, filling it to the brim. Take the time indicated in the instructions for using the cleaning agent.


Brew a few servings of the drink without using the coffee itself. If there is a lot of scale, repeat this procedure several times with an interval of 10 minutes (until all the water in the tank is exhausted).


Drain the remaining water and rinse the tank under running water.


Fill the tank with clean water and brew moreTwo portions of the drink, but again without the contents of coffee. Now flush the system again under running water. The coffee machine is ready to please you with a fragrant drink again.

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