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How to clean carpet from dirt and stains

How to clean carpet from dirt and stains</a>

To clean the carpet, it is not necessary to resort to expensive means.

In the arsenal of the housewife there are many tools that will help to solve the problem with a dirty carpet (or with a terrible stain on the carpet) once and for all.



You can resort to "help" table salt. Spread the small table salt over the carpet, then sweep it with a broom soaked in soapy water.


It is good to clean carpets tea thick (yes, you can not only guess on it!). Pre-vacuum the carpet, then sprinkle the tea leaves on its surface. After a while, clean the carpet with a brush.


You can clean the carpet with the help of a specialSolution. In a bucket of warm water, add a couple of spoonfuls of powder and a little ammonia, and a spoonful of salt. After wipe the carpet with a rag soaked in this solution. Powder and "ammonia" will clear the dirt, and salt will give the carpet a shine. To leave no stains, wipe the carpet with a dry rag. And then hang it dry.


In general, ammonia is an excellentStain remover, especially if the stain is "fruit", "berry" or "wine" origin. The solution is prepared as follows: 1 teaspoon per 1 liter of cold water. The main thing is to process the stain as quickly as possible.

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