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How to clean a carpet at home


How to clean a carpet at home</a>

It's nice to walk barefoot on the soft pile of the carpet.

The carpet muffles a variety of sounds, which is important in our apartments.

But does every housewife understand that the carpet? This is a large dust collector.

Therefore, it requires special attention and care.

You will need

  • Vacuum cleaner, broom, brush-attachments to the vacuum cleaner, a brush with elastic nap, a carpet tap, flour, salt, vinegar, pumice powder, ammonia, ethyl alcohol, tea leaves, hydrogen peroxide.



Clean the carpet from dust.Use a brush-nozzle on a vacuum cleaner with a long bristle, if your carpet is natural or with a small pile. Use a brush with a short stubble to clean the carpets. If you have a carpet with a long pile, walk on it with a smooth brush. Place the carpet with a soft clean broom if you do not have a vacuum cleaner.


Knock out the carpet on the street twice a year. Hang the carpet on the wide crosspieces with the base upwards so that no creases form. Knock on the base with a brush or a soft punch. If you have a new woolen or half-woolen carpet, then the first six months, only sweep it with a soft broom. It is not recommended to use a vacuum cleaner and knock out the carpet on the street.


Refresh the appearance of the carpet and clean it fromStains. Mix 1 cup of wheat flour, 1 tablespoon of salt, 1 tablespoon of pumice powder, add 1 tablespoon of wine vinegar and a little water. Heat until a thick, viscous mass is obtained. Transfer the mass to a plastic container. When it cools down, cut the mass into pieces and grate the carpet. Then sweep the carpet with a broom or a brush.


Loose the salt evenly over the carpet. Broom boil in soapy water. Sweep the salt with a broom from the carpet. Salt absorbs dust and dirt, and the carpet becomes shiny. The broom must be washed several times during cleaning. At the end of the process, vacuum the carpet to remove the salt.


Refresh the carpet colors. Spread freshly brewed tea leaves on the surface of the carpet. Sweep them with a broom or brush, and then wipe the carpet with a cloth soaked in a weak vinegar solution.


Remove, if necessary, greasy spots withSurface of carpet. Moisten a rag with gasoline or ammonia, wipe the stains, then rinse with a soap-soda solution. Allow the carpet to dry completely. You can not put a damp carpet on the floor.

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