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How to clean a carpet


Beautiful and clean carpet - a beautiful decoration for any home</a>

A beautiful carpet in the apartment is not only an ornament, but also an excellent insulation for the floor.

In order to always keep your carpet clean and bright you need to learn how to clean it properly.



In addition to the positive qualities of the carpetThere is one minus - the ability to attract and keep dust in the nap. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to regularly vacuum your carpet with an ordinary vacuum cleaner.


During the spring cleaning it is necessary to arrangeCarpet deeper cleaning. To date, there are many household chemicals for carpet care. Typically, these are powders, gels, shampoos or sprays. For best results, follow the instructions for use. It should be borne in mind that many detergents can cause allergies, so clean the carpet in gloves and do not allow children and pets to walk on the carpet until you remove the remnants from it.


To revitalize the color of the carpet, you can take advantage ofPopular way. Take the cabbage pickle and wipe the carpet. After drying, vacuum the coating - the villi will be straightened, and your carpet will play with fresh colors.


In families where there are children on the carpet often fallschewing gum. Remove it from the pile is easy enough. Take a piece of ice, put it on the chewing gum, wait until it freezes, and then just scrape it off.


Spots on the carpet often become a problem forMistress. To prevent this from happening, try to wipe off all the liquid that gets on the carpet, without waiting until it dries. If the stain is still planted, then you can try to remove it with ammonia, ordinary medical alcohol or a special stain remover for carpets.


Another option to return the carpet brightness and freshness- Take it to the dry cleaners or call a cleaning company at home. Such cleaning is most effective if there are many stale spots on the carpet or the carpet itself has old age.

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