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How to clean carpet

Nice and clean carpet - the perfect decoration for any home

Beautiful carpet in the apartment - is not only a decoration, but also an excellent insulation for floors.

To make your carpet has always been clean and bright you need to learn how to clean it.



In addition to the positive qualities of carpetthere is one drawback - the ability to attract and hold dust pile. To avoid this, you should regularly vacuum your carpet conventional vacuum cleaner.


During the general cleaning is necessary to arrangecarpet a deep cleaning. Today, there are many commercially available household chemicals, designed to care for carpeting. This usually powders, gels, shampoos and sprays. For best results, you must strictly adhere to the instructions on the use of funds. Keep in mind that many detergents can cause allergies, so clean the carpet with gloves and do not allow children and pets to walk on the carpet until until you delete it from the fund balance.


To revive the color of the carpet, you can usepeople's way. Take a cabbage brine and wipe them carpet. After drying, vacuum the cover - the villi short work, and your carpet sparkle with fresh colors.


In families where there are children on the carpet often fallschewing gum. Remove it from the pile just enough. Take a piece of ice lay on the gum and wait until it freezes over, and then just scrape it.


Stains on the carpet often become a problem forhostess. To avoid this, try to wipe out any liquid that falls on the carpet, not waiting until it dries. If the stain is still planted, you can try to remove it by means of ammonia, the ordinary rubbing alcohol or a special stain remover for carpets.


Another option to return the carpet brightness and freshness- Take it to the dry cleaners or cleaning company to call home. Such cleaning is most effective if a lot of stuffy carpet stains or carpet itself is old age.

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