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How to Clean Burnt pan

How to clean the Burnt pan

It happens that the left on the stove unattendedpot is burnt so that it can not be cleaned with any detergent. It is very unpleasant, but even in this case, do not despair.

Will help you some tips on how to clear the Burnt pan.

The most simple and yet effectiveburnt food purification methods are time-tested methods. They do not need any expensive detergents, only salt, baking soda and vinegar.

To clean the pan of a deposit, ityou need to add water so that it completely covered a burnt areas and add to it a few tablespoons of salt or baking soda. Then you need to put the pot on the stove and boil the solution for one hour. The duration of boiling can be reduced if during this process to try to gently scrape off the soot some not sharp object: a spoon or spatula. Remember, if you need to clean the pan made of stainless steel, the use of salt is not recommended, it may leave dark spots on the surface.

After boiling, the dishes can be washed usingConventional cleaning agents. Quickly deal with carbon deposits helps vinegar solution. It is also necessary to add water and boil. Furthermore, clean the pan of any material, by using a soap solution, which also should boil for 10-15 minutes. If milk is burnt in the pan, it can be cleaned by adding a pair of activated carbon pellets in water. After 10 minutes, a deposit can be washed off with little effort.

When cleaning is not recommended to use potsmetal brushes, abrasive materials with large particles, as well as sharp objects. They can damage the coating Tableware, restore that will be impossible.

As you can see, how to clean baked-onpan, there is nothing difficult. If the deposit has not managed to completely clear the first time, do not worry. Repeat the procedure with the same or with another agent. The second time certainly will succeed.

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