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How to clean a burnt pan


How to clean a burnt pan</a>

A burnt pan is the most common culinary trouble that a large number of housewives face.

It turns out that solving this problem can be quite easy and simple, because in addition to effective cleaning products, there are also old-time grandmother's methods for cleaning a burnt pot.

You will need

  • - baking soda-
  • - salt-
  • - sponge-
  • - mild detergent-
  • - Activated carbon-
  • - potato cleaning-
  • - dentifrice.



Pour boiling water into the burnt pan,So that it completely covers the problem areas. Add a tablespoon of baking soda to the dishes and put the pan on the fire. Boil for thirty minutes. Cool and wipe the pan with a soft sponge, the burnt places will be immediately cleaned. Will only rinse the dishes with warm water.


There are two ways to clean burntPots with the help of table salt: wet and dry. To clean the dishes in a dry way, it is necessary to pour in a good layer of salt, distribute evenly on the bottom, leave for a couple of hours. After the time has elapsed, wash the pan with warm water and a sponge. To remove contaminants from the pan by wet method, pour a strong saline solution into the dishes and boil for forty minutes. The nagar will fall behind the pan.


If the milk burned in the pan, thenIt would be better to use activated charcoal. This proven method helps to get rid of the problem in a matter of minutes. Take a few tablets of activated charcoal and grind it into powder, put the bottom of the burnt pan on them and add a little water to form a gruel. After fifteen minutes, wash the dishes with warm water. Remember that abrasives are far from the best cleaning option, especially when it comes to stainless steel utensils.


Quickly and very effectively clean the burntPot can be used with potato peel. Fill the pan with water and put on a fire, bring to a boil. Thoroughly wash the potato peelings and throw into a pot of water, cover and simmer 40-50 minutes over low heat. Then allow the dishes to cool completely, pour out the contents and wash it in the usual way.


The aluminum pan can be easily scratched,So to clean it is not recommended to use hard brushes and abrasive detergents. Fill the problem area with a thick layer of tooth powder, leave for 10-15 hours. After this time, gently wipe the burnt place with a soft cloth or sponge with a detergent.

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