How to clean the air


You can, of course, clean the air</a>

The problem of polluted air in the apartment is relevant, especially now. For example, tobacco smoke can ruin the lives of all household members.

Not only is it harmful to the health of others, so this smoke is surprisingly quickly absorbed into walls, ceilings, carpets and furniture in the apartment.



Even if there are no smoking people in the family, about cleanlinessSometimes you just have to dream. Kitchen dish also has a harmful effect on the body, slightly inferior to tobacco smoke. If you add to this and home dust, which is the strongest allergen, cat or dog hair, exhausts from the street and hordes of pathogens, the picture becomes quite disappointing. However, you can find a way out of this situation. You can clean the air with a multifunctional air cleaner. Such a device, in addition to purifying the air of various kinds of pollution, also disinfects and revitalizes the air.


The result is achieved byA multi-stage filter system that sequentially removes all contaminants from the air. At the first stage, the air is thoroughly purified from dust, small hairs, smoke and so on. Then the dust particles are removed smaller, down to the smallest. The following filter already cleans the house of odors (smell of tobacco, paint and so on). And under the curtain, the air jet is treated with ultraviolet radiation, which kills many microbes, and then enters the ionizer. At this stage of air purification it is enriched with aeronas having a negative charge. This makes the air even useful.


It should be noted that the ultraviolet lamp,Ionizer and a modern cleaning system is not installed in all air purifiers. It's good ? People have plenty to choose from. Who does not have enough funds for a cleaner with all the possible functions (and there are a lot of such units) can be deliberately thrown out? One or two functions? Then the price of the cleaner will decrease significantly. Ionization of air, for example? The thing is very good and useful, but you can live without it. On the other hand, think, we live only once. Maybe it's worth it to pay a lot of money for a good device. But this is already a personal matter for each of us.

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