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How to clean teeth thread

How to clean teeth thread

When the bits of food stuck between the teeth, but we are not always carefully we clean them out. Then may appear serious problems.

And Halitosis - not the worst of them. Gum disease, bacterial growth, plaque deposits, an increased risk of tooth decay - this list of a few items from the list of the problems that are the result of a careless attitude towards oral hygiene.

It is known that the toothbrush can not afford to reach all corners of the slits, and this same cavity. And then to help dental floss comes.

But it needs to be able to use.



Take 30-40 cm of thread and wind on the middle fingers of both hands so that the remaining time (the middle part of the thread) was equal to about 5 centimeters.


While holding the thread index finger and thumb so that it is taut, gently insert it into the gap between the teeth. Make sure that the thread does not cut into the gum and do not hurt her.


lines thread alternately each pair of adjacent teeth,With cupping-shaped first one, and then the neighboring tooth and at the same time moving the thread up / down gently coming under the gum line. Clearing thus one time (and at the same time on the two halves of a tooth) dispose the used thread.


Unroll a new piece of yarn and process the same way the next gap and the adjacent two teeth by half. So move from tooth to tooth, without forgetting each time to change the thread.

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