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How to clean skin for 10 days

Facial skin radiating health

With proper and regular care during the 10days facial skin is cleansed, becomes elastic, natural healthy color and elasticity, smooth out facial wrinkles and surface water balance is restored epidermis.

Techniques for purification of the facial skin for 10 days

Changeable weather conditions, stress,disease and poor diet negatively affect the skin, contaminate the pores and accelerate the aging process at the cellular level. An important condition for a successful outcome cleansing facial is the consistent implementation of all the necessary procedures.

The first three days of preparation for the happeningintensive cleansing facial skin. Some cosmetic products, such as scrubs, masks and tonics containing preservatives, synthetic oils and other active chemical components are eliminated from everyday use.
The initial stage is the in-depth cleaningthen the face, which is carried out in a professional cosmetic and specialized medical centers. Independently getting rid of acne and pimples, you may inadvertently spread infection and aggravate the skin condition.
Cleansing the pores during any method callsskin irritation. In the areas of acne and pimples may remain cyanotic tracks that run through 1-2 days. To remove the swelling and focal inflammation, instead of running water wash heavily carbonated drinking water, which increases the tone of facial muscles and physiological renewal of the epidermis cells.

Recommendations for efficient purification of the facial skin

Clean and tone the skin of a person for 10 days is possible with traditional foods. For washing use the frozen cubes of green tea daily rubbing of the face.
Within 10 days, before going to bed, for 15 minutescause fresh aloe juice, which is a powerful natural antiseptic and activates metabolic processes in the deep and superficial layers of the skin. After the procedure, the skin is treated with a cotton pad soaked in carbonated drinking water.
To achieve the best result for the purificationskin, should be excluded from the diet, pastry, pickles, coffee, eggs, fatty and fried foods, stop smoking and drinking. During the 10-day cleanse the skin as possible, limit the application of make-up means, which promotes the natural regeneration of the skin.
Balanced eating right with copious amounts of liquids, sufficient exposure to fresh air - integral parts for beautiful and healthy skin.

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