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How to clean the sealant

How to clean the sealant

After repairs are often necessary to remove asurfaces and crevices, residues of cement, adhesives and sealants. Over time, the sealant darkens and becomes unpresentable form or in some places generally come unstuck.

The hardest thing to clean it from the glass and remove from the slots, taking into account the fact that it is virtually resistant to hot water and hot steam.



Sealants are absolutely non-toxic and safe forenvironment, they are used to fill joints and seams where the structure can be displaced under the influence of shrinkage, temperature or humidity. Sealants ensure secure bonding of construction materials, contribute to the strength of the structure.


To clean the glass of silicone sealant,Take a sharp knife or razor blade and try to remove large pieces, but so as not to scratch the glass. With the power scrub away is not necessary. Silicone sealant is easily amenable to cleaning agents containing gasoline. Take a piece of dry cloth, moisten it with gasoline and rub the soiled place, then leave for a short while, the sealant is soaked with gasoline. After 5 minutes, dry washcloth wipe the remnants of sealant. After the procedure, the glass should be washed with water and wipe dry.


Fresh sealant can be rubbed away with the help ofconcentrated acetic acid, sold in any supermarket. Before you begin, be sure to wear gloves, because it can hurt the skin surface. A dry cloth soak in acetic acid, and wipe the glass several times, gradually sealant starts to lag behind the glass. The remaining part can be scraped off with a knife or blade.


To clean tiles or bath from the oldacrylic or silicone sealant, take a dry abrasive paper, fine or medium grain. Pre generously spray sealant with mineral spirits or any other solvent, so that it is easier to clean off.


If you are near the surface to be treatedobjects made of plastic, they must be removed or covered. White spirit can help to get rid not only of the sealant, but also on the oil stains, dust and dirt. After such a cleaning surface, wipe with a dry cloth.


To remove the sealant with a solid, scratchsurface when the farm there was no acetic acid or mineral spirits, use conventional pumice. Slightly rub the contaminated sites, the sealant starts to roll into small lumps, after which the remains of the cleaning blade. Dry with a cloth finish surface treatment.

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