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How to clean rust from a cast iron frying pan


How to clean rust from a cast iron frying pan</a>

When your favorite frying pans and other types of cast-iron dishes are covered with rust or partially formed on them, you do not need to rush to throw them away.

There are ways to clean rust from cast iron products with household simple means.

You will need

  • "Pemolux" or other cleaning powder, sandpaper, metal sponge, salt, vegetable oil, rust converter, optional laundry soap, baking soda, clerical glue.



Cast iron frying pan with a rust attack"Pemolux", then a metal brush for washing dishes, complete the cleaning of rust by wiping the surface with medium-sized sandpaper. To prevent the appearance of new rust and disinfection of dishes, pour salt into the pan to the top and burn it well on the fire.


Clean rust with sandpaper firstLarge (for example, the fifth dimension), then a lower degree of granularity (third). Now treat the dishes with a rust converter (sold in the household chemistry department), following the instructions on the product package. With a strongly rusted pan, repeat the procedure.


At men in working home tools always there is a nozzle for a drill with a hard metal nap. Brush this rust gently from the surface of the dish and rinse it in hot water.


Put a frying pan in any car wash, whereProduce body works. A special grinder, which is available in such showrooms, workers will clean the dishes and even polish it. At home frying pan should be additionally calcined with salt on the stove.


After cleaning rust with sandpaper orMetal washcloths arrange cast-iron dishes "bathhouse". To do this, in a large container, where the frying pan will fit, pour water, pour in the planed laundry soap, pour out a pack of baking soda, pour the packing of office glue. Put the frying pan in this solution and boil in it for an hour or two over a slow fire. Clean the dishes with warm water under a stream of warm water, washing off the soda with a washcloth. It will wash off surprisingly easily. This method cleans the dishes to its original state.

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