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How to clean the seal


How to clean the seal</a>

A common problem with the printer,Connected to the network - a hang in the memory of the queue of pages for printing. In this case, it is impossible to send a new job to the printout, and the printer actually fails for some time.

It can be reloaded, or you can clean the print.



Delete the existing queue to clean the print. If you do not have administrator rights, then you can only delete those documents from the queue that you sent from your computer. To do this, double click on the icon of the printer, which appears on the taskbar next to the clock during printing. Before you will see a list of documents that have been sent to print and are currently in the queue. & Nbsp-


Delete the ones you sent from yourPersonal computer. If after these actions, printing does not resume, then you need to perform manipulations on the printer itself. If the printer is connected to only one computer and such failures occur regularly, this may be due to incorrect software. Reinstall the drivers or download new ones from the Internet from the official website of the printer manufacturer.


Approach the printer. Find the "Cancel" button on it. Click it. After that, the print queue should automatically be reset. If this does not work, restart the printer. To do this, turn it off and on again.


Use a special file to clearPrinting. You can write it yourself. Open the Notepad application. To do this, go to the "Start" menu, then "Programs", then "Standard". There, find the Notepad. Open this app. Enter the following text in it:

Net stop spooler
Del% systemroot% system32spoolprinters * .shd
Del%% sustemroot% system32spoolprinters * .spl
Net start spooler


Save this file as DelJobs.cmd. Type "All Files" as the type. Run it. The window for executing the corresponding script will open. It will close automatically after the print is cleared.

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