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How to clean plastic windows


How to clean plastic windows</a>

After replacing old windows with new plastic ones, do notIt is worth forgetting about proper care and timely cleaning. There are a number of operating rules and recommendations for the care of windows made of metal-plastic, but they are quite simple and do not require special work.

Give them the necessary attention, and they will serve you more than a dozen years.

You will need

  • - A soap solution or a special tool for washing plastic windows,
  • - a linen rag,
  • - a soft napkin,
  • - scraper for cleaning ceramic.



Start taking care of plastic windows immediately after installation. Protective film must be removed</a> Immediately after the completion of all installation work,In any case, do not leave. The composition of the film includes a special adhesive, which is subject to the negative influence of sunlight. If you have not removed the film on time, then it will not be removed as easily as it seems to you.


Soften the film with a construction hair dryerOr use a special scraper to clean the cookware and ceramic plates. Pick up the film with the edge of the scraper and detach it from the plastic in small pieces. It remains to wash the frame with a warm soap solution or a cleaner for cleaning plastic profiles. Use a linen rag, rub the mortar over the entire surface of the window and wait until it dries completely. Form the soap film, remove with a damp cloth. After that, wipe all the seals with a damp cloth and then dry.


For cleaning plastic frames you can useSpecial care products for plastic or a normal soap solution. Do not use cleaning agents with solvents, acids, acetone and abrasives. Special cleaning and cleaning products can be purchased from a company selling plastic windows. Apply a soapy solution on the window frame with a soft cloth, then rinse with warm water and wipe dry. Do not allow scratches or bumps on PVC.


Thanks to a smooth surface, plastic windowsQuite easy to clean. To clean the window profile enough warm water and detergent. Do not use powder or cleaning sanding aids, otherwise the surface of the window will become rough. The marking that was made during the manufacture of the window - with a felt-tip pen or pen - can be removed with the same washing-up liquid. It is forbidden to use nitro compounds and gasoline.

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