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How to clean whitewash


How to clean whitewash</a>

According to the old tradition, the ceilings were covered with whitewashing. At present, during the repair, the gluing of ceilings with expanded polystyrene tiles is widely used.

To do this, you must first clean the old whitewash.

You will need

  • Stepladder, bucket, foam sponge, metal spatula, newspapers, water.



Before you start, remove the linoleum from the floor so that it does not stain it in the whitewash. Cover the floor with newspapers to make it easier to collect scraped whitewash.


Remove from the ceiling a chandelier and other lamps. Turn off the electricity in this room.


Take a suitable stepladder with which youYou can easily reach the ceiling with your hand. It is desirable that the ladder was with a shelf, where you can put a bucket of water. For safety, work on the ladder in the presence of a partner. Thus, you not only secure the work at altitude, but also facilitate some actions in the performance of work.


Place a stepladder in one of the corners of the room, where you will take a whitewash.


Type in a bucket of water, put in itFoam sponge, climb on the stepladder and ask the partner to give you a bucket. Place the bucket on the shelf of the ladder and, if possible, secure it. If the ladder does not have a shelf, the bucket can be hung on a hook of thick steel wire, hooked it over the upper arc of the ladder.


Lightly soak the foam sponge with water. Using a wet foam rubber sponge, soak the whitewash. The main thing is to wet the whitewash well. Then you can easily remove it. Ask your partner to keep a stepladder while working. Try not to wet whitewash over his head.


Having moistened the surface of the ceiling, the area of ​​which youCan grasp the hand, give the partner a bucket of water and go down from the ladder. Replace the ladder to moisten the next section of the ceiling. Do not try to impregnate large areas with water.


After wetting 2-3 sections of the ceiling, take a metal spatula and with firm movements of the hand, scrape off the wet whitewash from the ceiling section. Wet whitewash is easily separated from the surface.


Do the above operations with the remaining sections of the ceiling.


Gently gather from the floor of the newspaper with whitewash leftovers.

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