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How to clean it from further ado

How to clean it from further ado

When you want to speak beautifully, but catch myself on the fact that in your speech often slip "short", "well", and so on, could not help worry.

Like, say, and they do not like, but they did fly off the tongue.

Then you come to the decision to clear your speech from weeds.



First, check to see if your question is reallylittered. Turn on the tape recorder, or ask friends to listen to you while you're talking. Talk long and the text does not think over in advance. Because of this you will know how much you suffer from the words-parasites, and which ones of them.


Ask the people with whom you often talk, hinting to you often that you say unnecessary words.


Try to keep your speech andexcellence in oratory. Control what and who say, regardless of the circumstances. Maintain a full dialogue with the chief, and with a close friend.


Expand your vocabulary. The more words you know, the less will be the need-parasites words. They themselves will be left behind as useless.


Read aloud. With this charge for the language you will not only learn a lot of new words, but also to improve diction, as well as overcome tongue-tied, stop use harsh phrases and get rid of the field in question.


If the word-parasites will attack you because of what you do not know how to express his thoughts, do not complain that his head is empty. Learn how to properly express thoughts. For this there are exercises.


Do not be afraid of pauses in conversation. Do not try to fill them. Sometimes it is better to remain silent. This will help your buddies, or listeners, and you gather your thoughts to realize what has already been said.

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