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Iron - is an indispensable tool of every housewife.

Unfortunately, he, like any other appliance, is exposed to various contaminants, which adversely affect its performance and, ultimately, can lead to breakage.

There are two basic types of iron contamination:
- Formation of limescale inside the appliance because of the use of hard tap water-
- Pollution of the soleplate due to non-compliance with the temperature regimes when ironing.

To overcome the first problem can beuse one of the following methods. It should dissolve half a teaspoon in a glass of water descaling, pour the liquid in the iron container and turn it on for 20-30 minutes. After this raid scale exfoliates, and the container can be cleaned with water.

Clear limescale and rust in iron can beusing Silita or similar means, is intended to deal with these types of contamination. The heated iron must be turned over and pour the detergent into the holes on the bottom. After 10 minutes, the instrument can be switched off and rinse under warm running water.

To remove dirt from the soleplateWe recommend using a special pencil, such as brand & laquo-Typhoon & raquo-. It can be purchased at hardware stores. When using it, you need to strictly follow the manufacturer's instructions. Warm up to a certain temperature of the soleplate is rubbed with a pencil, after a while the mud starts to peel off, after which it can be removed. If you are using a pencil melts and can release quite a strong odor, so the procedure is best done in a well ventilated area.

If the hand is not of such a pencil, and you need to ironimmediately clear, you can use other methods. On paper or cloth must be common to pour salt. It must be ironed with hot iron. After a while you will notice that the salt starts to become contaminated and purified iron. It should be mentioned that this method may damage the sole instrument.

You can also try to clean the surfacecold iron with a small amount of soda or toothpaste. Also you can try to clean the soleplate with a cotton swab dipped in vinegar solution. After these procedures, the iron should be wiped with a damp and then a dry cloth.

As you can see, how to clean the iron, there is nothing difficult. Using one of these tips, you will be able to upgrade your iron and make it well-ironed.

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