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How to clean enamel pot

How to clean enamel pot

Sometimes the kitchen smells not only delicious food, but also of burning. It is not always the cause is carelessness hostess.

Much depends on most dishes.

For example, in an enamel saucepan, undercooked food more often than aluminum, and harder to get rid of the burning.



In order not to waste time on a thorough washingburnt dishes, cook porridge in aluminum pans. Enamelware is more suitable for soups or soups, and cereals, and mashed it quickly burn up. How to get rid of the burning? Pour into a pan of hot water and generously add detergent, liquid better. Leave it for an hour or two, and then drain the water and wash the dishes.


If soot is not completely gone, pour the water again,add the detergent and place the pan on low heat. When the water starts to warm up, try to gently scrape the bottom of a wooden spatula, like something you stir. Not boiling, pour out the water and wash the pan in a conventional manner. When washing, use a sponge as metal cleansers can leave scratches.


When the cleaners do not work, use thesoda. Take a deeper and wider in size saucepan, pour water into it and dissolve a couple of tablespoons of baking soda. Then, this solution was put Burnt pan and boil. Then, clean your "victim" pot cleaner.


Instead of soda cleans enamel bowl fromburnt food salt. In a saucepan pour the water so that it hid scorched edges, then add a few tablespoons of salt. Leave saline solution for several hours, preferably overnight. Then boil it in the same pan, then wash it detergent.


And that left the smell of burnt food,not use air freshener and acetic rastvorom.Naleyte in a pot of water, add a few drops of vinegar and boil. Then carefully ventilate the room by opening all the windows wide open. To one of the home is not cold in the draft, while ventilation is better to leave the house for 15-20 minutes.

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