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How to clean the clogged toilet

Keep the your toilet.

Blockages in the toilet rather rare, but still sometimes such trouble occurs. If the blockage slack, it can clean the plunger.

But if the toilet is clogged thoroughly, it is better to turn to professionals to help you cope with this trouble for a few minutes and a small amount of money.

You will need

  • Plunger, drill, cloth bag, sand, rope.



The first way to clean clogged - plunger. If the toilet clogged up the edges, remove half the contents. If it is empty, add a little water to a normal level. Install large rubber plunger on a broad inlet, near the very bottom of the toilet. Click 7-8 times fast movements on the plunger and pull it sharply. If you hear a gurgling sound, then clean the cork, and the water quickly come down to normal levels. If the water goes gradually, therefore, the tube is not completely cleared, then you need to repeat the procedure.


If you have a clogged pipe in the toilet orthere was a blockage in the water gate, it can be cleaned, the main thing - do not despair. The best tool for cleaning sewer blockage is considered a drill. To do this, Pull out the cable from the drum segment and tighten the clamp. Start gently rotate the drum, with the end of the rope starts to go down the drain and clean the clog, resulting in it.


Take a cloth bag, fill it with sandand firmly tie him not to spill. Sand Sack tie the end of the rope and lower the toilet. Press the lever and rinse with water, it entice bag into the hopper and clogging the toilet in the water seal is broken.

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