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How to clear a blockage in the toilet


Watch for the purity of your toilet.</a>

Clogs in the toilet are rare, but sometimes this trouble happens. If the clog is not strong, it can be cleaned with a plunger.

But if the toilet is hammered thoroughly, it is better to contact specialists who will help you cope with this disaster in a few minutes and a small amount of money.

You will need

  • Vantuz, drill, rag bag, sand, rope.



The first way is to clean the clog with a plunger. If the toilet is hammered to the brim, remove half the contents. If it is empty, add a little water to the usual level. Establish the big rubber plunger on a wide entrance aperture, is closer to the bottom of a toilet bowl. Press 7-8 times with quick movements on the plunger and pull it out sharply. If you hear a gurgling sound, then the cork is cleaned and the water will quickly come down to the usual level. If the water comes off a little, therefore, the cork is not completely cleaned, then you need to repeat the procedure.


If you have a blocked pipe in the toilet orThere was a blockage in the water gate, it can be cleaned, most importantly - do not despair. The best tool for cleaning sewage sludge is a drill. To do this, pull a piece of cable from the drum and tighten the lock. Start to gently rotate the drum, with the end of the cable beginning to enter the sewer and clear the blockage formed in it.


Make a rag bag, fill it with sandAnd tightly bandaged so that he does not get enough sleep. Pouch with sand tied to the end of the rope and put it in the toilet. Press the lever and flush the water, it will carry the bag into the hopper of the toilet bowl and the blockage in the hydraulic seal will be punched.

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