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HOW babies nose clean

How to clean the babies nose

Most young mothers are faced with a completelynatural problem - baby stuffy nose. The reason for this can be many: easy runny nose, in the nasal passages accumulated dust, allergic rhinitis and so on.

What can help the kid?

You will need

  • - saline
  • - daisy
  • - syringe
  • - Olive or sunflower oil
  • - Juice of Kalanchoe
  • - akvamaris



To begin exclude probabilitynosebe allergies. Remember that unusual you eaten lately that might cause allergic rhinitis. Possibly, a new toy. If you have even the slightest suspicion, remove the source of the allergy. Moisten the air in the entire apartment.


To clean babies nose Use saline. Boil a liter of water and then dissolve it in 1 tablespoon of table or sea salt. Drip the solution every 60 minutes over the rate of 1 to receive a pipette. Do not forget to turn the baby after putting on the flank or abdomen, so he choked.


Make an infusion of herbs. Use, for example, chamomile. The infusion is made from the calculation: one tablespoon of dried herb per cup of water. Boil a solution of 5-10 minutes and leave to infuse for 30 minutes. Drip 3-4 drops in each pass.


Take a latex or a clean syringe №1rubber tip, the main thing - the tip of the syringe should be flexible and thin. Squeeze all the air and suck away the accumulated mucus from each nostril in turn. Be sure to wash the syringe between uses. Then treat nosemarketing sinus boiled olive or sunflower oil, which prevents drying of the mucous membrane.


drip in nosemarketing passages baby a few drops of breast milk. Use an aspirator (sopleotsosom). When you need to clean the infants nose with a cotton swab or tightly curled wool in the flagellum.


Make a weak solution of Kalanchoe juice - a few drops to 2 tablespoons of water. Drip solution obtained in each noseoic passage 2-3 drops. This mixture will cause sneezing reflex, that will make the process easier to suction mucus.


Use the solution to wash noseand "Dolphin" or "akvamaris".

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