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How to clean an apartment


Each hostess is faced with mandatory ordering</a>

Each hostess is faced with the mandatory establishment of order in the room in which the family lives.

In addition to daily and weekly cleaning, there is a need to clean the apartment twice a year, combining it with seasonal cleaning.

You will need

  • Bags, rubber gloves, clothes covers, a mop, rags, a bucket, a basin, liquid ammonia, cleaning products for upholstered furniture, glass cleaners.



Do an audit of all things.
Find those things that have become small orWorn out. Get rid of or repair the broken things. Fold in the bags things that need cleaning. In spring general cleaning, air and clean the outer clothing before you pack it in the covers. Wash unnecessary shoes, spread it with cream, fill it with newspapers, so that creases are not formed when stored, fold in boxes.


Free from things chests, sideboards, cabinets,Drawers of tables. Wipe all the shelves with a damp cloth and then dry. Especially carefully wipe the dust in the corners where it likes to accumulate. Leave all the doors open for 1 hour.
Wipe the bookshelves, and the books themselves vacuum.


Wrap the mop with a slightly damp white rag, wipe the dust off the ceiling and off the walls.

Remove the lampshades and sconces from the dust. If you hang paintings on the walls within the framework, then do not forget to wipe the frames and brush off the dust from the pictures themselves.


Clean upholstered furniture and carpets withVacuum cleaner. If possible, then knock out the carpet on the street or give it to the dry cleaning. At home, you can save soft furniture upholstery and carpets from dirt with the help of special tools that are sold in the store. Means in the form of foam or spray are applied to the surface, dry out, and then removed by a vacuum cleaner.


Remove the curtains from the windows and wash them. Remove the dust from the cornices. Wipe the window frames and glass. Wash the windowsills. Rinse the flower pans, and redeem the flowers in the shower or wipe the leaves with a damp cloth.


Remove dust and dirt from the furniture surface.
Dust settling occurs at lower humidityAir. To prevent the dust from settling, wipe the surface with a damp cloth or a damp cloth soaked in antistatic to prevent dust from attracting to the furniture.
Wipe the glass from the furniture cabinets with a soft cloth soaked in a liquid for washing glasses. Oily stains from the glass surface work well with water, into which ammonia is added.


Wipe the mirrors in the apartment.

Clean the doors and the central heating batteries from dirt.

Complete the cleaning of the apartment by washing the floors.

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