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How to clean the apartment

Every housewife faced with mandatory things in order

Every housewife faced with mandatory things in order in the room in which the family lives.

In addition to the daily and weekly cleaning is necessary to twice a year to conduct general cleaning apartments, aligning it with the seasons.

You will need

  • bags, rubber gloves, covers for clothes, mop, rags, bucket, bowl, ammonia, means for cleaning upholstered furniture, glass cleaner.



Conduct an audit of all things.
Find those things that have become small orworn out. Get rid of or give it to fix broken things. Fold in packs things that need to be cleaned. When spring spring cleaning ventilate and clean outer garments before will pack it in the bag. Wash unwanted shoes, spread it with cream, stuff them with newspapers to avoid creases formed during storage, fold in the box.


Free from things dressers, sideboards, cabinets,drawers. Clean all shelves with a damp cloth, then dry. Especially carefully wipe the dust in the corners, where it likes to accumulate. Leave all the doors wide open for 1 hour.
Clean the shelves and vacuum the books themselves.


Wind on the mop slightly damp white cloth, wipe the dust from the ceiling and the walls.

Get rid of dust lampshades and lamps. If you hang pictures on the walls in the framework, be sure to wipe the frame and dust off paintings themselves.


Clean carpets and upholstered furniture usingvacuum. If you can, then beat out the carpet on the street or give it to the dry cleaners. At home, to deliver upholstered furniture and carpets from dirt, you can use special tools that are sold in the store. Means in the form of foam or spray applied to the surface are dried and then removed with a vacuum cleaner.


Remove the curtains from the windows and wash them. Remove dust from the eaves. Wipe the window frames and glass. Wash window sills. Wash floral trays, and the flowers themselves bathe in the shower or wipe with a damp cloth leaves.


Remove dust and dirt from the surface of the furniture.
Subsidence occurs when dust of low humidityair. In order to prevent the settling dust, wipe the surface with a damp cloth or a cloth moistened with an antistatic agent to the dust are not attracted to furniture.
Wipe the glass in furniture cabinets with a soft cloth dampened with glass cleaner. Grease stains with a glass surface with water well succeed in that ammonia is added.


Clean the mirror in the apartment.

Clean dirt from doors and central heating radiators.

Complete general cleaning the apartment washing floors.

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