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How to clean an inkjet printer

How to clean an inkjet printer</a>

How do you know when to clean your printer and its insides, if you are not a specialist in this business?

As soon as your printer starts to constantly zazhivyvat paper, or on the printed pages there are divorces and the text is blurry - you know, it's time to arrange a general cleaning for your printer.

You will need

  • - crosshead screwdriver
  • - wet wipes
  • - isopropyl alcohol



Basic precautions and safetyThe cleaning of the inkjet printer should be known to everyone, the hour is not equal, and someone will need to disassemble the printer. The main thing is that the printer is de-energized, i.e. The power cord of the printer has been disconnected from the power outlet. Then we take a screwdriver and, unscrewing the bolts, remove the back cover of the printer. Here it is necessary to show attentiveness.


Pay attention to all the places where you canBe sprayed paint from the cartridge. It must be wiped off with a damp cloth. Wet wipes are always used for the most extreme case, the most optimal option is the usual paper napkins with the application of isopropyl alcohol. It allows you to erase any dried paint from plastic and iron. Also this liquid is used for cleaning CD-disks that are difficult to read. When cleaning surfaces with frozen paint, wipes from time to time are torn, so try to change the wipes as often as possible so that pieces of paper do not remain inside the printer body.


Cause of paper jam when exiting the printer- dirty rollers of movement. After you have cleaned the main parts of the interior of the inkjet printer, you need to go to these rollers. Find them very simply - they are on the sides and have a specific color due to the fact that the paint eventually fell on them unevenly. Therefore, on the rollers there are lumps or clots of paint, which when advancing the paper affects its integrity.

After you have cleaned everything, you can safely close the case, plug the printer into a network and check it for operability.

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