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How to clean an ink jet printer

How to clean an ink jet printer

How do you know when you need to clean your printer and its insides, if you are not an expert in this matter?

Once your printer starts constantly zazhevyvat paper or printed pages appear stains and blurred text - you know, it's time to arrange a general cleaning of your printer.

You will need

  • - crosshead screwdriver
  • - wet wipes
  • - Isopropyl alcohol



Basic precautions and security atcleaning ink jet printer should know everyone, one never knows, and someone will need to disassemble the printer. What matters is that the printer has been de-energized, ie Printer power cord was disconnected from the wall outlet. Then we take a screwdriver and untwisted bolts, remove the back cover of the printer. Here you need to show care.


Pay attention to all the places where it mayIt is sprayed paint from the cartridge. It is necessary to wipe wet wipes. Wet wipes are always used in the most extreme case, the best option - it's the usual paper napkins with the application to them of isopropyl alcohol. It allows you to erase any dried paint to plastics and iron. Also, the liquid used to clean the CD-ROM drive, which are difficult to read. When cleaning surfaces with hardened paint wipes tear from time to time, so try to change the towels as often as possible, to a piece of paper does not remain inside the printer housing.


Reason zazhevyvaniya paper as it exits the printer- Dirty rollers movement. Once cleaned insides main parts of an inkjet printer, it is necessary to move these rollers. Find them very easy - they are on the sides and have a specific color is due to the fact that the paint eventually fell on them unevenly. Therefore rollers clots or lumps appear paint that for advancing paper affect its integrity.

After you have cleaned, you can safely close the housing, plug in the printer and check for availability.

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