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The easiest way to take care of furniture made of leather or leatherette

Buying a new sofa, we are guided by a huge number of the criteria. There soiled material, you have to start to feel sorry for a couple of months after purchase.

Upholstered furniture is not washed in a normal car, and sometimes the hostess did not even know whether to wash her old sofa or simply buy a new one.

You will need

  • - Washing vacuum cleaner
  • - Soap solution
  • - Foams for cleaning carpets and furniture
  • - Stain removers



Methods for cleaning upholstery from dirt, stains and worn effect depends on the type of upholstery, as well as species from pollution. The easiest way to take care of furniture made of leather or imitation leather. Such sofa enough to wipe with a damp cloth, and he again looks as good as new. For stubborn dirt, you can use ordinary soapy water without aggressive additives.


The situation is much more complicated, if sofation upholstery represents any kind of textiles? jacquard, flock, velor. The easiest way to clean a sofa with a conventional detergent cleaner. Spray special places are polluted by some stain remover, wait 15-45 minutes to remedy has had time to work on the spot. Fill the vacuum cleaner washing solution and wash sofa. If sofa very dirty, it may be that the washing procedure should be repeated 2-3 times. And for the last time to wash the better to take pure water, you will be surprised to see how much soap absorbed sofa when washing.


If the vacuum cleaner you do not, use a special foam carpet cleaning and sofas. The spray foam on sofa, Rub it over the surface with a sponge and let it dry foam and dirt collect in the usual vacuum cleaner.


Never rub sofa too hard, as it would have been no material upholstered. Strong friction can cause partial damage to the upholstery, and wiped the place will be significantly different from the rest of the surface.


Spots with sofas are displayed in the same way as any textile. See what shows a particular spot with clothes and do the same, and with the surface sofaa. For example, stains from coffee and tea best vinegar solution process, the ink traces are washed with acetone, and so on. But before you engage in battle with the stain, try to apply the stain remover sofa in an inconspicuous area to make sure it will not damage the upholstery.


Pretty examined again become clean sofa, Think about how you can protect it from contamination in the future. The most common cape not only prolong the life of your upholstered furniture, but also markedly decorate it, make more comfortable.

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