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How to clean the printer

How to clean the printer</a>

To ensure that your printer never failed you, did not spoil your documents when printing, and also did not pollute your workplace, you need to do it directly.



First of all you need to know the general recommendations for cleaning various office equipment. Before cleaning the printer, it is advisable to turn it off at all from the power source.


First you need to open the printer andCarefully inspect all of its details. If the internal parts of the printer are dirty with paint, then to remove it, you simply wipe the printer from the inside with a damp cloth. If toner is used in your device, then its used remnants must be removed with a conventional vacuum cleaner, or simply blown out. Certain types of toners, mostly colored ones, can be dangerous to your health, therefore it is recommended to use only a vacuum cleaner with a specially equipped filter, or immediately blow out the leftovers of this toner and move away from it.


Then it is necessary to trace, through what exactlyPasses the paper when printing. To do this, it is recommended to clean all the rollers (the exception is a printer with toner, the rollers of which do not need to be cleaned). They need to be wiped very carefully, because they are often hot, not having time to cool down after turning off the printer. To clean them, you need a small disassembly of the printer. Some types of rollers are very difficult to remove. First of all, you need to clean the rollers that hold the paper before printing and send it to the printer. If these videos are faulty or dirty, then this can affect the quality of the print itself, which will manifest itself in a permanent "jam"? Paper.
Making a timely cleaning of the printer, you will forever forget about expensive repairs of your equipment.

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