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How to clean the printer

How to clean the printer

To ensure that your printer will never let you fail, do not spoil your documents to print, and do not contaminate your workplace, you need to take it easy cleaning.



The first thing you need to know the general guidelines for cleaning of various office equipment. Before cleaning the printer, it is desirable in general to turn it off from the power supply.


First, the printer itself must be open andcarefully inspect all parts. If the inside of the printer are contaminated with paint, then you need to delete the printer simply wipe the inside with a damp cloth. If your device is used the toner, it is necessary to remove the remnants of used with a conventional vacuum cleaner, or simply blow. Certain kinds of toners, mostly in color, can be hazardous to your health, so it is recommended to use only a vacuum cleaner equipped with a special filter, or immediately blow out the remains of the toner and to move away from him.


You then need to follow through exactly whatpasses the paper when printing. It is recommended to clean all of the rollers (the exception is printer toner, which rollers do not need to be cleaned). They should be cleaned very carefully, because they are often hot, not having time to cool down after turning off the printer. To clean them you will need a small dismantle the printer. Some clips are very difficult to remove. First you need to clean the rollers that hold the paper before printing and sending it to the printer itself. If these rollers are dirty or defective, it may affect the quality of the print, which will manifest itself in a constant? Jam? paper.
Making timely cleaning of the printer, you will forget all about expensive repairs its equipment.

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