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How to clean a mink hat

How to clean a mink hat

Mink Fur should be treated with care. So do not take the time to follow the advice sort of "clean fur starch, flour, semolina, smelling salts."

The particles of flour, cereals, starch, which will inevitably remain after cleaning, attract moles, and ammonia will dry the fur.

You will need

  • Brush wool (you can buy at the pet store), talc, rubbing alcohol, sponge



At home cleaning use rubbing alcoholdry smudges and talc for grease and for preventive cleaning. When cleaning, use an alcohol sponge or cotton swab. When cleaning, sprinkle talcum cap, rub into the skin, comb out with a brush. Repeat as needed.


But it is better to turn to professionals, that is,dry cleaning. Fur 4-6 withstand dry cleaning, so try not to abuse it. When chemical cleaning is dipped in the product solution. If you need? Refresh? fur at the end of the season, it is better to spend the surface dry cleaning. Refer to the cleaning, specializing in cleaning furs. Keep labels and memo care that came with the purchase. Is indicated on the label the most appropriate way of cleaning products.

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