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How to clean a mink hat

How to clean a mink hat</a>

Fur mink requires delicate care. So do not rush to follow the advice like "brush the fur with starch, flour, semolina, ammonia".

Particles of flour, cereals, starch, which will inevitably remain after cleaning, will attract a mole, and ammonia dries fur.

You will need

  • Brush for wool (can be bought at a pet store), talc, medical alcohol, sponge



For home cleaning, use medical alcoholFor dry dirty spots and talc for greasy stains and for preventive cleaning. When cleaning with alcohol, use a sponge or cotton swab. When cleaning talcum, sprinkle the cap, rub it in the fur, comb it with a brush. Repeat if necessary.


But it is better to turn to professionals, that is,Dry cleaning. Fur stands 4-6 dry cleaners, so try not to abuse. During dry cleaning, the product is immersed in a solution. If necessary, refresh? Fur at the end of the season, it is better to carry out a superficial dry cleaning. Consult dry cleaners specializing in cleaning fur products. Keep labels and a note for care, which are included with the purchase. On the labels the most suitable way of cleaning the product is indicated.

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