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How to Clean a Laptop


How to Clean a Laptop</a>

Surely you noticed that the laptop with timeStarts to warm up, and maybe even shut down during the peak load on the processor. At the same time, its cooling fan rotates at the limiting speed, but the air movement from the vent hole in the case either is not felt, or instead of a cool breeze, a hot air blowing takes place.

Do not rush to run to the store for a new laptop.

If you exclude rare cases of warranty repair, most likely, you just need to clean the laptop from dust.

You will need

  • Small clock screwdriver, thermal paste, vacuum cleaner



Cleaning service a laptopAnd dust is provided by many computer companies involved in the service and maintenance of equipment. Depending on the model a laptopBut, the complexity of its dismantling and well-established prices inSpecific city the cost of this service varies between 1-2 thousand rubles. Therefore, if you want to save time and trust professionals, use the cleaning service a laptopBut in a specialized firm.


However, if you are confident in your abilities and do not want toPay money for what you can do with your own hands, arm yourself with a small screwdriver from the repair kit for watch movements and get ready to clean a laptop From dust itself. First of all, unplug it and pull out the battery.


On the back side around the perimeter of the case, unscrewAll fixing screws. Various accessories: RAM, hard disk and others, can be hidden behind individual covers. Having removed these fastenings, disconnect everything that can put further dismantling of the case a laptopa.


Further actions depend on the specific model of your computer. The fact is that the design and arrangement of devices inside a laptopDifferent manufacturers differ. For cleaning a laptopAnd from the dust you need to remove the cooling fanCPU. But to get to it, sometimes you just need to unscrew only three cogs, as on some models of the company Acer, and sometimes you have to disassemble almost the whole a laptop (HP, Apple). Which of the variants is yours, it is necessary to find out in advance, having familiarized with corresponding manuals on service and repair a laptopBut from the manufacturer.


When you remove the fan, gently clean it.Surrounding the space from dust, reminiscent of felt. Here it makes sense to use a vacuum cleaner with a small nozzle, included in a small suction power, so as not to damage other devices. Wipe the fan itself if it is heavily soiled.


When cleaning a laptopAnd the dust also replace the thermal paste on the processor, because over time it dries up and does a worse job of cooling the main? Brain? a laptopa. Collect a laptop In the reverse order, without exerting excessive force when twisting small cogs.

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