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How to clean a laptop

How to clean a laptop

Surely you have noticed that the laptop over timeIt starts to warm up, and maybe even switched off during peak load on the processor. Moreover, its cooling fan is spinning at top speed, but the movement of air from the ventilation openings in the cabinet or not felt, or instead of a cool breeze is blowing hot.

Do not hurry to run to the store for a new laptop.

If we exclude the rare cases of warranty repair, most of all, you just need to clean the notebook from dust.

You will need

  • a small screw driver, thermal grease, vacuum cleaner



Cleaning Service a laptopand dust provided by many computer companies involved in the service and maintenance of equipment. Depending on the model, a laptopbut the complexity of its dismantling and the established pricesparticular city the cost of this service varies between 1-2 thousand rubles. So if you want to save time and trust the professionals, use the cleaning services a laptopand specialized firm.


However, if you are confident in their abilities and do not wantpay for what you can do with your hands, armed with a small screwdriver from the set for repair of watch movements and prepare clear a laptop Dust yourself. First of all, unplug it and remove the battery.


On the back side on the perimeter of the body, remove theall the mounting screws. Other components: RAM, hard drive, and others may be hidden behind a separate cover. After removing the mounting data, remove anything that may put further dismantling of the housing a laptopa.


What happens next depends on the specific model of your computer. The fact that the design and location of the devices within a laptops from different manufacturers vary. For cleaning a laptopand dust you will need to remove the fan, coolingCPU. But to get to it, sometimes you have to unscrew the screw only three, as in some models of Acer company, and sometimes you have to disassemble almost all a laptop (HP, Apple). Which of your options, you should know in advance by reading the relevant manuals for maintenance and repair a laptopand from producer.


When you have removed the fan, gently cleanits surroundings of a dust-like felt. It makes sense to use a vacuum cleaner nozzle with a small included a small suction power to prevent damage to other devices. Clean the fan itself, if it is very dirty.


When cleaning a laptopand from dust and replace the thermal paste on the CPU, because over time it dries and worse coping with the cooling of the main features? brain? a laptopa. gather a laptop in reverse order, without applying excessive force when screwing the small screws.

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