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How to clean a gas boiler


How to clean a gas boiler</a>

Gas boilers are very convenient to use.

They do not require special care and rarely fail.

Thanks to this, they gained popularity amongOf the population. The most important thing: every time before and after the end of the heating season, do a thorough inspection of the gas boiler for proper operation and availability of soot and scale.

If the boiler is clogged, it must be cleaned.

You will need

  • Adipic acid, sulfamic acid, capacity



Method one. Acquire adipic acid. Disable boiler And let it cool down completely.


Prepare the pump, dilute the adipic acid in the vessel and dilute it with water. Begin gently pumping acid solution into the gas boiler. The trick of this method is that, under the pressure of carbon dioxide, carbonates will pass into acid salts, which then dissolve.


Defeat the pressure so that the acid salts are again transferred to the carbonates and precipitate, which then wash off with water.


Method two. Disable boiler, Let it cool down. Check the gas boiler filters and plugs. Buy a gel that can dissolve oil products and detach scum from metal. Due to its special properties, the gel does not spoil the surface of the metal and does not corrode it. Treat it with a gas boiler, And then rinse with water. The gel does not irritate the hands and does not corrode the walls of the device, but gently cleans the walls of the boiler.


Way the third. Turn off the device and wait for boiler Completely cool. Acquire sulfamic acid. Take the container and dilute the acid solution. Under pressure, pour the solution into the gas boiler. Sulfamic acid due to excellentInteraction with carbonate and other deposits clears the contents of the gas boiler without causing corrosion of the equipment walls. Rinse thoroughly the acid residue with water and let it dry.

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