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How to clean a gas boiler

How to clean a gas boiler

Gas boilers are very easy to operate.

They do not require special care, and rarely fail.

Due to this they have gained in popularity amongpopulation. Most importantly, every time before the beginning and after the end of the heating season, make a thorough inspection of the gas boiler for serviceability and availability of soot and sludge.

If the boiler is clogged, it must be cleaned.

You will need

  • Adipic acid, sulfamic acid, container



Method one. Get adipic acid. Disconnect boiler and allow it to cool completely.


Prepare the pump in a container dissolve adipic acid and dilute it with water. Begin gently injected into the acid gas boiler. The trick of this method is that the carbon dioxide pressure carbonates pass into acid addition salts, which are then dissolved.


Relieve pressure to acid salts again moved into carbonates and precipitated, which then rinse with water.


Method two. Disconnect boiler, Allow it to cool. Check filters and gas boiler cap. Buy gel capable of dissolving oils and disconnect the scale from metal. Thanks to its special properties of the gel does not damage the metal surface and do not expose it to corrosion. Treat them to a gas boilerAnd then rinse with water pressure. The gel does not irritate hands and does not corrode the walls of the device and gently cleanses the boiler wall.


The third way. Unplug the machine and wait boiler cool completely. Get sulfamic acid. Take the container and dilute acid solution. Under the pressure pump the solution into the gas boiler. Sulfamic acid thanks to the excellentInteraction with carbonate and other deposits clears the contents of the gas boiler, without causing corrosion of equipment walls. Thoroughly rinse off any acid pressure of water and let it dry.

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