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How to clean a fur coat

How to clean a fur coat

Natural fur coat ? favorite thing in the wardrobe of many women.

Because no matter what may be the fur coat, it needs care and regular cleaning.

And the light and dark fur can make shine again and for a long time to please you.



Yellowed light fur brush peroxide solutionhydrogen, only at the top of the pile. To prevent yellowing of the skin treated with a solution of hydrogen peroxide with water 1/1 (one tablespoon of peroxide and one tablespoon water)


Shine and elasticity dark pile return toa brush moistened with petrol. Not road and purified gasoline. He is in all the workshops for the fur, watches and footwear. Gasoline defats the skin fur that extends its wearability.


Well cleanses the skin a mixture of potato peelingsand ammonia. Potato clean well washed, passed through a meat grinder. Add a little liquid ammonia and the mixture is applied to the contaminated site. Clean the brush, wipe and allowed to dry at room temperature. Dry the fur must be combed.


Fat with light fur derived from the solutionammonia, sodium chloride and water. The desired proportions:.. Ammonia 1 tsp. Salt 3 teaspoons water 0.5 liters. The resulting solution was to wipe grease stain and dry the product.


Dark fur brush with a mixture of bran and walnuts. Heated in the oven bran is applied to contaminated sites and rubbed his hands in the fur. Walnuts crush until smooth, wrap in cheesecloth and get a swab rubbed the nap. After shaken for coat and comb with a brush.

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