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How to clean a fur coat

How to clean a fur coat</a>

Natural fur coat ? Favorite thing in the wardrobe of many women.

Whatever fur was a fur coat, she needs care and regular cleaning.

Both light and dark fur can be made to shine again and for a long time to please you.



Yellowed light fur is cleaned with peroxide solutionHydrogen, only at the top of the pile. To prevent yellowing, the fur is treated with a solution of hydrogen peroxide with water 1/1 (one tablespoon of peroxide and one tablespoon of water)


Shine and elasticity of dark pile is returned withUsing a brush moistened with gasoline. Only not automotive, but refined gasoline. He is in all workshops in fur, sentries and shoe shops. Gasoline degreases the skin of fur, which prolongs its weariness.


Well cleans the fur mixture of potato peelingsAnd ammonia. Potato purification is well washed, passed through a meat grinder. Add a little ammonia and apply the mixture to a dirty place. Brush, wipe and leave to dry at room temperature. Dry the fur must be combed.


Fat from light fur is removed by a solution ofAmmonia, sodium chloride and water. The right proportions: ammonia alcohol 1 teaspoon, table salt 3 teaspoons, water 0.5 liters. The resulting solution should be wiped off with a greasy stain and dried.


Dark fur is cleaned with a mixture of bran and walnuts. Preheated in the oven, bran is applied to dirty areas and rubbed into fur. Walnuts crushed to a homogeneous mass, wrapped in cheesecloth and the resulting swab rubbed pile. At the end, the fur coat is shaken and brushed with a brush.

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